At it again. Cosmo Black have a new single out, Blind. I wrote a couple of months ago that the boys have ‘arrived’ with their previous single, Let The Cold Air In. Well with Blind  they’ve moved well beyond that and have taken it somewhere else.

For me, it’s the time signature of this track that cements the groove so solidly. Messing with that four four groove by a sixteenth means that there’s this underpinning level of urgency to the track – it takes the track a step above. That feeling of uneasiness is contrasted by the rather ethereal vocal sample however, making you feel a little more comfortable with the feel of the track.

I think being able to mess with our expectations and out already established ideas is a skill, something that’s really exciting to see within the more pop sounding dance music.

So yeah, I like this a lot! Also make sure you check out the more up-beat big club remix by Edwin Van Cleef. It has all the right drops in all the right places!

Cosmo BlackBlind

Cosmo BlackBlind (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)


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