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Woah. No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. This is the September edition of the maamf mixtape series. After a crazy busy month or so, I’ve finally gotten round to chucking all my fave tracks of the month into one tape. All local stuff, all fucking good.

MAAMF – September ’12 MIXTAPE


Bloods – Turn Blue

Neda – Dream Of Flying (Thrupence remix)

Electric Empire – Changin’

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Sharp Shooter

Maxi – From The Start

Driffs – Someday

Step-Panther – Maybe Later

Damn Terran – Pills

South City Sushi Cop – Bad Blocks

DEJA – Luststruck (Cosmo Black Remix)

Twerps – Work It Out



To my ears, this feels as though it should be the other way around. The original track sounds like a remix, and the remix sounds like the original.

Maybe that’s DEJA‘s rather excellent sense of production -that slowed down groove of the original is big as all hell and absolutely kills. Then there’s Claire’s vocals – sitting so tightly with that groove.


Cosmo Black‘s remix ramps up that groove into a more dancefloor friendly big club track. I really dig the Cosmo Black boys and yeah, they kill it with this remix – THAT SAX!


You should also check out Cosmo Black’s new project Saturn Program, something that the DEJA peeps helped out on.



So this is a little late, I know. The internet situation for me has been a little all over the place lately – moved to a new spot and we’re working out which net plan would be best!

Anyway, this here is a bit of a mix of my fave tracks of March. It’s a full 20 tracks long and features a fairly decent range of stuff. There’s also some internationals in the mix too!

You can stream and download the thing below. Some tracks up for individual download too!

MAAMF – March ’12 Mix (Right click/Save as)

MAAMF March ’12 Mix Tracklisting

skullsquadron – Tomorrow Morning

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Dream On

Mesa Cosa – 666

Bleeding Knees Club – Who Are You

Tanlines – Green Grass

Kristina Miltiadou – Carousel

Cosmo Black – Blind

Cloud Nothings – Our Plans

Buchanan – Run Faster

Siobhan – Don’t Take Her Heart If You’re Gonna Let Her Down

Beach House – Myth

Catcall – The World Is Ours

Bon Chat, Bon Rat – Dust Proud (featuring Pepepiano)

Miiks Snow – Archipelago

DZ Deathrays – No Sleep

Twinsy – Take Me Home

Super Best Friends – No Logo Is A Joke

Galapagoose – One Who Can’t Move

Chet Faker – Love and Feeling

Lowlakes – Song For Motion



At it again. Cosmo Black have a new single out, Blind. I wrote a couple of months ago that the boys have ‘arrived’ with their previous single, Let The Cold Air In. Well with Blind  they’ve moved well beyond that and have taken it somewhere else.

For me, it’s the time signature of this track that cements the groove so solidly. Messing with that four four groove by a sixteenth means that there’s this underpinning level of urgency to the track – it takes the track a step above. That feeling of uneasiness is contrasted by the rather ethereal vocal sample however, making you feel a little more comfortable with the feel of the track.

I think being able to mess with our expectations and out already established ideas is a skill, something that’s really exciting to see within the more pop sounding dance music.

So yeah, I like this a lot! Also make sure you check out the more up-beat big club remix by Edwin Van Cleef. It has all the right drops in all the right places!

Cosmo BlackBlind

Cosmo BlackBlind (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)



We’ve featured Cosmo Black quite a few times, right from the early days when this blog was a little more shit than it is now.

Thank fuck for good music aye…saving this here thing time and time again.

Anyway, Cosmo Black have a newy…sounds very early Miami Horror (definite good thing!). The track is called Let The Cold Air In and features remixes from Emperor Machine and Deja. I’m a little nervous writing this, but I think this will be the track that breaks Cosmo Black. This is the one they’ve got completely right. Not that the other earlier tracks haven’t been good, I just think they’ve arrived with this one!

The remixes are also stellar, so good that we got both streaming down below. Emperor Machine one is a killer! As is Melbourne guys Deja!

Cosmo BlackLet The Cold Air In


Cosmo BlackLet The Cold Air In (Emperor Machine Remix)

Cosmo BlackLet The Cold Air In (Deja Remix)

Make sure you check out Cosmo playing at CAN’T SAY on Oct 7 down at Miss Libertines. There’s also an Adelaide launch date ( Houndstooth @ Rocket Bar on Fri Oct 21) and one for Sydney in the pipeline.


so we’ve posted about the Cosmo Black fellas quite a bit before. We got yet another brand spankin new single from the gents. Light It Up is a supes fun jam which has those big synths that appeared in their earlier single When Night Becomes The Morn. You always know a band are onto a good thing when they find a sound and go with it.

The new track comes with two remixes from Nine Tales (Melbourne bad boy Swick and a gentleman by the name of Gerald) and Loot & Plunder. We got the single as well as the tropicalish/funkish/damn great Loot&Plunder remix below (You can stream it all on their Soundcloud page too).

There is also a B-Side. And actually, when I said it’s great when bands find their own sound and run with it and that Cosmo Black have done that with this new single, it was before I’d listened to this track. It’s called Dia De Los Muertos (already by the name you know it gonna be different). It’s actually quite lovely though, complete with violin, Spanish clapping etc etc etc. There is synth half way through though and it brings this sad Spanishish love song (Cosmo wroe it to impress a girl…who wasn’t impressed) into this real slow synth built groove with that violin riff bringing it the whole way through. Check it below.

Cosmo Black – Light it up

Cosmo Black – Light it up (Loot & Plunder Remix)

Cosmo Black – Dia De Los Muertos


It’s not often you get sent a genuinely fun remix. Adelaide via Melbourne boys Cosmo Black seem to do that though.

This hear (see what i did with the spelling there?) remix is of that slighty massive track Overpass by The John Steel Singers, a band that to be honest, I haven’t gotten into as much as what it seems the rest of the Triple J listening public have.

That said, Overpass is a pretty nice track. Love the accents and the horns. But man, this remix kills. It makes it all funky and stuff. The original is done in a bit of a swung groove, and at the beginning i thought that a remix in straight time would mess it up. But this works. Almost seems like the vocals are a little lazy and messy over the top of this straight and rigid four to the floor groove. Dig that heaps!

John Steel Singers – Overpass (Cosmo Black Remix)

the graveyard shift

The Cosmo Black boys are back again with another great track, this time an original. When Night Becomes the Morn is this big, loopy (both in the ‘hey, look, i’m crazy’ and loops of sounds, music kinda way), percussive electro track that is definitely going to take Cosmo Black from that band you think you’ve heard of but not sure where to that band that sing that awesome song When Night Becomes the Morn.

The single is going to feature a DCUP remix too. DCUP is the go-to dude at the moment aye? Remix is a funky house rendition of the original with this killer keys motif that goes right through. Awesome. Check it down below.

If you like both the original and the DCUP remix but want even more, well then you’re a fuckin greedy bugger.

You also may be in luck…but you gotta get yourself to a Cosmo Black show. Towards the end of the year, the boys are selling a limited edition of the single with some extra cool artwork and a remix from SidWho? and Mitolo. These dudes are from another extra talented Adelaide crew. You know, you may have heard of them. They’re only called THE SWISS and they fuckin rock.

Cosmo Black – When Night Becomes the Morn

Cosmo Black – When Night Becomes the Morn (DCUP remix)

black rocks

Cosmo Black are 3 dudes that share time between Adelaide and Melbourne. They’ve just put together a remix of a long lost Stones track, Waiting on a Friend. They do it justice too. Pushes it from lounge floor to dance floor rather nicely.

The dudes themselves are working on their first proper release at the moment with the help of Luke and Tony from awesome Adelaide Disco Kings, The Swiss.

I must admit to being a little slack with the old email…they played a show in Melbourne on Thursday night (March 25th…today is Saturday March 27th.)…but for those of you over in Radelaide, then check ’em out at TRANSMISSION on April 10. You can also check ’em out back in Melbournetown on April 17th at The Birmy. Deets over at their MySpace. They’re meant to be awesome live, so defeintely worth the check out.

I also definitely recommend heading over to their Triple J Unearthed site where you can pick up a few originals for free. Just make sure you leave them a nice review!

The Rolling Stones – Waiting on a friend (Cosmo Black Flyin’ Remix)

my rabbit is black

cosmo black

well…i use to have a rabbit. and it was black. and it’s name was cosmo.

It just so happens that I got sent a track by a fella called Cosmo Black. This dude’s from Melbourne/Radelaide and he produces pretty nice electro kinda stuff. The single And Repeat is set to be released in October. It’s a pretty decent little number, complete with the handclaps, that thumping dirty bass line and some awesome ‘lifting’ (wank word anyone??!!) synth work over the top.

Anyway, you should check out his MySpace page to get an idea of what he’s all about. There’s some pretty diverse stuff on there, it’s not all just thumping dirty bass stuff. Some great chilled sounding stuff too – MonkeyMan is kinda AIR-ish. (I LOVE AIR).

Anyway, here’s the track AndRepeat. Check this dude out when he tours in October also

Cosmo Black – And Repeat

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.