Alright you guys. Miks here. As some of you lovely readers already know, I’m also doing a PhD. It’s looking at how important music-making is for young people who might come from a diverse range of life experiences. I would love your help with this. If you or anyone you know fits the bill below, then please forward them this here page. It’s got all the info you need.

Please Note: The below contact info is separate to blog contact info. If you’re looking for contact/submission details, please check out the About page or the Submit page.  This information MUST ONLY be used for the research project and is NOT TO BE USED for blog enquiries/submissions. 


I’ve reached my number of participants already largely thanks to all of your help! Thank you to everyone that has shared this project – it’s been pretty amazing to see it pop up in different people’s feeds etc. If you’re keen to stay in the loop about the project though, comment below.

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  1. Nicholas Cummins.

    Hey Mike, I’ve just finished my B. ContMus and I’d absolutely love if you could please keep me posted about your PhD.
    That topic really interests me as I researched a smiliar topic for a major project in high school, but to a minute extent compared to what you’ll be undertaking.
    Good luck with it and may your focus never waver.

    August 20, 2016 at 12:10 AM

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