Lovely. It’s Sunday, and tomorrow’s a public holiday down here in Victoria. And although it doesn’t effect me personally (I work two days a week), it’s good to know that next week will feel a little shorter.

And something pretty suitable for an extended weekend is some real atmospheric soundscapey indie rock from Melbourne lads Lowlakes.

The guys are set to release a new 4 track EP next week (17th March). Lead single Song For Motion is such a great showcase for what these guys are capable of. And sure, lead singer Tom Snowdon does sound a fair bit like Antony Hegarty…but the voice has such a level of conviction and emotion that, in my eyes, it doesn’t necessarily matter who he reminds you of.

And then there’s the rest of the band as well. For a track like Song For Motion, it’s about the shape and colour. It’s a piece that builds, takes you somewhere, introduces something new. It’s pretty layer heavy, but not too much. It’s not overwhelming.

The rest of the EP does at times get a little more energetic with the almost urgent sounding second track, Catch The Breeze acting as a great step up from the opener. The groove laden Buffalo, also takes it up a notch before petering out into a mumble of trumpet and ride and a nice intro into the final track. The closer Arctic House feels like a pretty good end to the EP. Taking the groove/funk feel of Buffalo, the urgency of Catch The Breeze, and the atmosphere of Song For Motion, it’s perhaps the best indication that the EP isn’t just a great collection of individual songs in their own right, but a really well crafted 18:58 mins of indie rock goodness.

The guys are launching the EP down at Northcote Uniting Church on Saturday night as well. More details here

Lowlakes – Song For Motion by sgcmedia



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