The City Calm Down boys are back with a new ‘EP’ (well, it’s two tracks).

The guys found something they were good at a while back and have stayed on that since. This is some moody indie dance. Opener, Dare is a bit more of an upbeat (in groove at least) builder with no chorus as such…just an almighty build for just over 6 and a half mins. It definitely takes you with it though. Second cut, Burn Slow is far more moody. When those drums and bass kick in early on in the piece you know it’s gonna go somewhere a little darker. And I guess Jack’s refrain, “All I have is now gone”  kinda lends itself to that darkness kinda well. Then it picks up around 2:45 and kicks along, but still feels equally as dark.

Make sure you check out the EP over on Bandcamp – you can either get it for free…or pay something for it. You should definitely put some hard earned towards these boys. And yeah, I know, I’ve got the soundcloud links just below and they have a free download, but I can’t manage to upload the tracks myself this morning – stupid Library internet!

City Calm Down – Dare

City Calm Down – Burn Slow


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