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2014-04-23 14.14.03

awwwwww yeah. I’m feeling seedy. Like, very seedy. And not in some sex-crazed maniac way, just hungover way.

So this’ll be funn!

Lucky for these here mixtapes then I suppose. An incredible mix as per usual. And apologies if it sounds different for some reason – I use GarageBand (yay for free software that does an alright job!) to create these – and that just updated itself, so I had to reteach myself as I went along.

But yes, anyway, April was bang up. It’s a big tape too with 16 tracks packed into just over an hour long mix.


DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)

friendships – 2 Reel (friendships & Null) (Right Click/Save As)
City Calm Down – Pavement
Crooked Colours – In Your Bones
Cutloose – On Top (Ft. Blaq Carrie & Shaneal)
High-Tails – Bending Over Backwards (Snowy Nasdaq Remix) (Right Click/Save As)
Remi – Tyson
Jack R Reilly – My First Panic Attack (Right Click/Save As)
King Single – Restart Newstart Allowance
The Harpoons – Unforgettable
Roku Music – You
Lowtide – Blue Movie
BadDreems – Dumb Ideas
Emma Russack – Get Back
Cut Copy – Like Any Other Day
Collarbones – Burnout (Right Click/Save As)
Luke Howard – August (Kyson Remix)



2014-01-06 17.06.23Ok, so here we go. This thing is finally up.

I could go on about my year and how it’s been hard man, but this kid here is finding himself a little resolutionary so I is gonna stop with that ‘ahhhh phd’s are hard and everything else has suffered as a result’ line. This here is pretty simple. Got streams of all the tracks as well as a bloody mixtape with all of them in it n shit.

The tracks below are definitely not in any kind of order, that would be too hard. But, they are the tunes that received a hell of a lot of plays by both myself and you guys. So that’s kinda cool.

Freakin’ enjoy it you guys.




So I’ve been a big ol’ fan of these boys for a fair bit. Since they first started a couple of years ago, through to last year’s signing to I OH YOU, to say that Melbourne’s City Calm Down have progressed a bit would be a freakin’ understatement. They’re still doing the moody, live dance vibe, but man, everything is so much more confident and tight.

At first, I was a little unsure about this new tack ‘Speak To No End’, but man, it really does have everything you’ve come to expect from a CCD track. That massive euphoric chorus, that slick slick slick bass line, and Jack Bourke‘s amazing vocal tone. And I love how the end isn’t just a big old jam out of the chorus. I like all that distortion that finishes the track, that manic distorted line that echoes Jack’s rather manic yelling.

The track is the first of two singles from the band’s debut full length. The second single, ‘Pavement’ is due out early next year.

As I heard it described a couple of days ago by maamf mate Nick Clarke over on the Poncho podcast, these guys are a career band. And, I think i’d have to agree. They do do that party dance stuff, but they create room in each release, so as to suggest a longer, more sustainable career than a lot of those other party bands.




Ok, so this is simply fucking genius. Such a feel good remix of a freakin feel good track.

City Calm Down have proven themselves a heap over the past couple of months – from getting bigtime radio play to playing some killer gigs. And then Zac Hayse of excellent Melbourne duo 96 Bulls.

The best way to start your post-humpday day.



fave tracks of 2012

Ok, so here it is. my favourite 10 tracks of 2012. I think I’ll let the music do the talking instead of me crapping on about how each track made my year.

All I will say though is the criteria I had for this list

  • It had to be a track I kept on coming back to; and
  • It had to be a track that, even on the 10th listen, was still good.

I should also mention that they’re not numbered. They’re all decent in their own way. Awwwwww.

You can stream all ten below, and if you’re keen, you can download a mix with all ten below. 
DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)



nov mixtape

It’s nearly the end of the year. And what a crazy/nuts year it’s been. I can confirm that there will be a best of the year mixtape, maybe a bumper edition (read – close to 2 hours).

But before all that, here is the November tape. Some real different genres on this one, from the grunge stylings of Heavy Beach and Violent Soho to the real tech house vibes of Kharkov. There’s also some really lovely local guitar pop stuff too. As usual, it’s a real mix!

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)


1. Friendships – I Never Get A Morning Anymore

2. The Townhouses – Heartsick

3. Ta-Ku – Where

4. Dyl Thomas – One Dat feat. Allday

5. City Calm Down – Sense of Self

6. Panama – It’s Not Over (Ejeca’s Rave To The Grave Remix)

7. Kharkov – Le Go

8. Spoonty – Taro

9. Hiatus Kaiyote – Nakamarra

10. Mammals – That Was Then, This Is Now

11. Pop Singles – All Gone

12. Mining Boom – Telecom

13. Heavy Beach – Five Days

14. Violent Soho – Neighbour Neighbour

15. Milk Teddy – Suburbs Mystery

16. Camperdown & Out – Down and Out

17. Jonti – Saturday Night



Ok, so next week the brand spankin’ new City Calm Down EP, Movements drops. I am so keen on this. In fact, I’ve been keen on the guys for a while.

The lead single from the EP, ‘Pleasure and Consequence ‘ is such an incredibly good song. And now there’s the clip. From the subtle editing at the beginning to the all out layering on top of layering towards the end, the clip resembles the track in style so freaking well. That and the black and white reflecting it’s dark brooding nature.

The boys are launching the new EP with a couple of shows. You can check them out next Saturday (November 3rd) at the Liberty Social down here in Melbourne. Tickets here.

If you’re in Sydney, you can check them out at GoodGod on Thursday November 8. Tickets here.

I was also lucky enough to have a chat with Jack, lead singer over on our sister site, a little while ago too. Good read (if I don’t say so myself). Especially good if you haven’t seen the boys live before.



You may or may not have noticed that City Calm Down have signed to awesome local label I OH YOU (home to Bleeding Knees Club, Snakadaktal, DZ Deathrays etc). The boys are releasing a new EP, Movements on November 2nd, but we don’t need to wait that long to hear the first taste.

Up this morning on the bands soundcloud is ‘Pleasure and Consequence’, a real builder of a track (seems to be a theme). The track is broken up into two distinct halves – the first sounding reasonably sparse (if compared to the second) with a warm bass line, some nice padded synths and Jack’s wonderfully dark and brooding vocals. Then smack bang at 1:51 it brings in these amazing three note synth lines, some faint but incredibly uplifting horns and some atmospheric ‘ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh‘s.  It’s the 2 minute 18 second long climax you could only ever wish was possible. BAM!



The City Calm Down boys are back with a new ‘EP’ (well, it’s two tracks).

The guys found something they were good at a while back and have stayed on that since. This is some moody indie dance. Opener, Dare is a bit more of an upbeat (in groove at least) builder with no chorus as such…just an almighty build for just over 6 and a half mins. It definitely takes you with it though. Second cut, Burn Slow is far more moody. When those drums and bass kick in early on in the piece you know it’s gonna go somewhere a little darker. And I guess Jack’s refrain, “All I have is now gone”  kinda lends itself to that darkness kinda well. Then it picks up around 2:45 and kicks along, but still feels equally as dark.

Make sure you check out the EP over on Bandcamp – you can either get it for free…or pay something for it. You should definitely put some hard earned towards these boys. And yeah, I know, I’ve got the soundcloud links just below and they have a free download, but I can’t manage to upload the tracks myself this morning – stupid Library internet!

City Calm Down – Dare

City Calm Down – Burn Slow



we featured these guys a while ago. City Calm Down are their name and decent live indie disco stuff is their game.

I’m quite liking this newish sound for the gents – it’s not as dark and gothy. There’s a bit more brightness in there which is always a good thing – shows we can grow and all that wanky sounding stuff.

It’s actually going to be the first single taken from their debut full length. Really looking forward to this.

…Anyway, in the spirit of keeping the content on this here blog short and letting the quality of the tunes do the talking, i be shutting up now.

City Calm Down – Sense of Self

party house time

These boys are great. Saw them support the ever awesome City Calm Down (who were incredibly amazing) on Saturday night at The Toff. Was unsure at first, but then got hooked.

The name is Northeast Party House…and, well, they started in a party house in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Pretty cool little story about how exactly these gents started, get some more of it over at their Unearthed profile.

Below are two tracks. All good. Aggressive Party Dance. New genre. These boys fit it to a tee. Now that I know the name, I see their name on just about every gig poster around Melbourne. These guys are crazy live too. 6 of them cramped onto the small stage that is The Toff was a bit of fun to see and yeah, they go a little nuts.

Northeast Party House – Embezzler (unearthed link)

Northeast Party House – Dusk (unearthed link)

calming influence

City Calm Down. I think us Melbourne (and some Sydney) kids are some of the best in good electro. Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Trust Us (definitely check these kids out).

And i think you can add City Calm Down to that list. They remind me of Cutters a hell of a lot, especially their track Lost. Trapped. They have the whole disco sound down pat and can write some killer, freakin catchy melodies. Perhaps a little bit darker than Cutters…could be the perfect mix of maamf faves Cutters and Juggers. Oh. YES!

Anyway, enough of the gushing. The guys have an EP coming out soon, but just below, you can check out two of my faves from the EP Lost. Trapped, and Collect Your Thoughts.

City Calm Down – Lost. Trapped

City Calm Down – Collect Your Thoughts