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As I continue to trawl through the great abyss that is the maamf inbox (currently sitting at 243 unread), I continue to discover some really incredible music.

Surf Dad‘s new release, the Unholy EP is everything. It transitions from this really chilled glitchtronica vibe to this bangin’ tech house, all whilst still maintaining this overall feeling of melancholy. It’s a pretty special release.

You can grab a limited edition CDR of the EP over on the excellent new Melbourne label Zero Through Nine‘s bandcamp page.

We got the single and title track which features Camille Foley below.



Fresh from teasing us with some new sounds a month and a bit ago, Matt Walters is back, this time with the title track of his new EP due out October 15th.

The new track, ‘Vacant Heart’ showcases Matt’s heart-on-the-sleeve, let-me-paint-you-a-picture, style songwriting really fucking well – the man can write. Something else that really comes through in the track is also the use of space – there’s this sparseness that helps create shape in the track.

Matt’s gone all independent woman and is releasing the new EP through his own label via Bandcamp.




You may or may not have noticed that City Calm Down have signed to awesome local label I OH YOU (home to Bleeding Knees Club, Snakadaktal, DZ Deathrays etc). The boys are releasing a new EP, Movements on November 2nd, but we don’t need to wait that long to hear the first taste.

Up this morning on the bands soundcloud is ‘Pleasure and Consequence’, a real builder of a track (seems to be a theme). The track is broken up into two distinct halves – the first sounding reasonably sparse (if compared to the second) with a warm bass line, some nice padded synths and Jack’s wonderfully dark and brooding vocals. Then smack bang at 1:51 it brings in these amazing three note synth lines, some faint but incredibly uplifting horns and some atmospheric ‘ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh‘s.  It’s the 2 minute 18 second long climax you could only ever wish was possible. BAM!



This is really really nice. Melbourne solo kid Fergus Miller, or better known to us as Bored Nothing, once again, is absolutely killing it. His third release, Bored Nothing III nails his sound once again, but with even better song writing. There’s a heap more variation in the tracks themselves – so much more shape and colour. It’s these things that make this EP one of my fave releases of the year so far.

Fergus is getting ready for a few shows too which is pretty exciting – will be good to see this lovely lo-fi sound live.

You can stream my fave tracks from the EP below. and if you dig, you can download the whole thing for free over on his Bandcamp page.



Secret Hands is a local Melbourne dude playing some really epic sounding indie goodness, but with this element of introspection which I’m diggin a hell of a lot.

His debut EP, ‘How’ is a really well crafted synth and percussion driven tale of epicness. And that sentence is equally bad as this EP is good (read: sentence was one of the shittest one’s i’ve written/this EP is one of the best things I’ve heard in a while).

Lead track we got below…and if you like, check out the full EP over on iTunes. No chance of being disappointed.

Secret HandsHow



Sydney disco kickers Softwar are finally out with their new EP, This Time Around. After what seems like forever for it’s release, the two…umm…body builders (it’s in their bio!) have kinda nailed that big funky deep house sound with this release. The new EP is coming through Future Classic with it being released on vinyl a couple of days ago ahead of a digital release in March (6 March on Beatport, and 20 March everywhere else). The new release is dare I say a little bit cleaner sounding when compared to their EP of last year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though – progression in sound always keeps things fresh.

We got our faves from the four track EP just below.

Softwar – August by future classic

Softwar – Darker (Digital Only) by future classic



ok. Introducing FLWRGN (pronounced Flowergun). Two dudes (FLWR and GN) out of Sydney town doing some real killer epic vast electronic pieces. They’ve already got some JJJ play as well as a bit of love from Sydney station FBi.

The guys have just released a four track EP, Cable Management and is big, epic, soundscapey and glitchy.

You can grab the EP over on their Bandcamp page. We got a stream of lead single Haunted Milk just below.




The City Calm Down boys are back with a new ‘EP’ (well, it’s two tracks).

The guys found something they were good at a while back and have stayed on that since. This is some moody indie dance. Opener, Dare is a bit more of an upbeat (in groove at least) builder with no chorus as such…just an almighty build for just over 6 and a half mins. It definitely takes you with it though. Second cut, Burn Slow is far more moody. When those drums and bass kick in early on in the piece you know it’s gonna go somewhere a little darker. And I guess Jack’s refrain, “All I have is now gone”  kinda lends itself to that darkness kinda well. Then it picks up around 2:45 and kicks along, but still feels equally as dark.

Make sure you check out the EP over on Bandcamp – you can either get it for free…or pay something for it. You should definitely put some hard earned towards these boys. And yeah, I know, I’ve got the soundcloud links just below and they have a free download, but I can’t manage to upload the tracks myself this morning – stupid Library internet!

City Calm Down – Dare

City Calm Down – Burn Slow



so it’s November 2nd and Melbourne has been turning on some pretty crazy weather. It’s been raining a heap…and it’s been in the mid to late teens. I personally don’t mind this kind of weather, but I’m sure there are plenty of others out there that just want summer to come hit!

But yeah, so what’s this got to do with music? Well Wintercoats makes music for this kinda weather. And no, it’s not just the name…that would be a little too convenient aye! It’s some atmospheric, orchestral, textural pop that has the ability to simply wash over you and put you in a bit of a blissed out state.

The fella behind Wintercoats, James Wallace is launching his new EP Sketches at the Workers Club on Friday night. If you’ve heard his earlier Cathedral EP, then you’d know what he’s capable of. Definitely worth the check out! We got two tracks from the EP down below as a bit of a stream. More details of the launch here.

Wintercoats – Blood Prints

Wintercoats – Windmill 






Guerre. This is a name I’ve heard a bit, namely from the excellent To & Fro as well as the equally excellent Sound Lab. It was only until I checked out the very good rose quartz blog that it all clicked.

Guerre do some almost soul style beaty atmospheric kinda stuff. Big track that people might know is Millennium Blues which we got streaming below. You should also make sure you check out the EP though, Darker My Love – grab it over on the Yes Please Records bandcamp.

This is some rather excellent stuff for a night in. or a Sunday morning. It be a win win for me.

We got Millennium Blues and Transnautica from the Darker My Love EP down below as streams. YES!

Guerre – Transnautica


Guerre – Millenium Blues