And we’re back.

Sorry about that break there. 

To start back, we’ve got a pretty solid joint from Sydney gents New Navy. It’s called Zimbabwe and, for me, the song is made on that out-of-tune sounding whistle at the very top. It catches you off guard and kinda forces you to pay attention. 

The track itself is a bit of a party track, very Holidaysesque and Vampire Weekendesque. There’s nothing wrong with that though. Every listen, you hear something new going on. Pretty percussive heavy (LIKE) and lots of little guitar lines. 

Anyway, solid track. Check out the vid too. Their YouTube is a bit of a goldmine actually…well at least for the track Animals. Wows. Hope you dig…more to come!

New Navy – Zimbabwe


One response

  1. Welcome, back that’s for sharing this one!

    July 14, 2011 at 3:41 PM

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