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Some super washy dream pop to begin your new week.

Was listening to triple j unearthed radio yesterday afternoon and ‘Someday’ by Driffs track came on, and man, LOVE.

Sounds a bit like Bored Nothing which is pretty good.



Ok, so if you’re all over both Triple J and Triple J Unearthed, then most likely you would have heard a track off Allday and C1‘s EP ‘Skateboard Soiree’. Another local hiphop kid, Ry put me onto this…and it is what everybody suggests, something out of left field that melds a bit of humour with some really killer beats and rhymes.

This deserves to be pretty big. We got three tracks from the EP just below…and if you dig, you can download the whole thing for free from here.

Allday x C1 – The City

Allday x C1 – So Good

Allday x C1 – My World (feat. Luke Gray)



ok. Sydney based singer/songwriter Faith Lee jumped up on the Unearthed Podcast that I subscribe to. And I mean yikes. Zan Rowe left a review of her track Life Long Friend on her Unearthed profile and said that her voice cuts right through. Couldn’t agree more. I think what makes this track so good though is the instrumentation. It’s simple, the use of harmonica at the end kills – it feels so held back and restrained, and the track on a whole reminds me a fair bit of The Middle East which is lovely – this might have something to do with the fact that Mark Myers from the band produced this track. It is such a super lovely track.

Download this baby from Faith’s Unearthed profile and you can stream it down below.

Faith Lee – Life Long Friend



I know absolutely nothing about this guy, apart from the fact that he’s from Sydney, his real name is Marcus Solomon and he has one track out called Holmes that works!

If vocal layering and some beats are your thing, then Pilloes might be your man. His track Holmes starts off with some vocals, continuously layered upon. You think this is the melody, but then a new voice comes across, on top of it all with the melody. Then some beats hit you and man, the continuous building of layers in this track is done really really well.


You can find Pilloes on Triple J Unearthed…and that’s all I think. Keeping the mystery going. I do hope we hear more from this fella though.

Pilloes – Holmes



And we’re back.

Sorry about that break there. 

To start back, we’ve got a pretty solid joint from Sydney gents New Navy. It’s called Zimbabwe and, for me, the song is made on that out-of-tune sounding whistle at the very top. It catches you off guard and kinda forces you to pay attention. 

The track itself is a bit of a party track, very Holidaysesque and Vampire Weekendesque. There’s nothing wrong with that though. Every listen, you hear something new going on. Pretty percussive heavy (LIKE) and lots of little guitar lines. 

Anyway, solid track. Check out the vid too. Their YouTube is a bit of a goldmine actually…well at least for the track Animals. Wows. Hope you dig…more to come!

New Navy – Zimbabwe



taken from facebook

Sometimes it just takes a post on our facebook page for us to discover your music, and kinda fall in love with it.

The Red Lights did that. And YES!

There’s something about the vocals of Dean Valentino that do it. The phrasing, the way he gets some words out, even how his voice sits in the mix. The band is really really great, but I think without the vocals, they would just be another indie band.

You can stream their tracks Radio and Sun Finds Us below and make sure you head along to their Unearthed profile and download them

The Red Lights – Radio

The Red Lights – Sun Finds Us (Demo)


A bit over a week ago, Triple J announced the Unearthed winners playing at Laneway Festival. I could have blogged about this then, but I kinda forgot. It works out well though, because the dudes at Laneway released playing times etc today too, so why not one big post for it all??!!

First up, the Melbourne winners for Unearthed were Buchanan. The track they won with is Teachers (down below), but I’ve been following these dudes for a while now. They’re a three piece doing some pretty tight indie pop. Their earlier tracks sound way beyond a few dudes who are unsigned. And Teachers ain’t no exception. Super looking forward to seeing these guys open up laneway. Check out more of their tracks on their Unearthed profile.

For a list of the other bands that took out the right to open up Laneway in their home cities, head here.

Buchanan – Teachers

Also today, Laneway finally released the playing times. Coz i’m going to the Melbourne leg, we’re only sorta worried/excited about the playing times for that specific show. If you’re from another city, you can grab the playing times via the Laneway website.

But Melbourne. Man. Luckily, I seem to have found a non clash pathway from gates open to close. Except for all the opening bands i wanna catch. And then theirs my mate. Ha! I think he wants to see Ariel Pink…ok, so there might be a few clashes. But yes, below are my pics for the day.


Pic courtesy of Erin.

This here is a lovely track from Sydney indie kids No Art.

Their track Kids In Place is kinda dark but still rollicks along – especially with that opening riff.

And then there’s that break down just part half way, a changein vocalists and it almost feels like it’s two separate songs, but it still sounds like one.

These guys may well be big.

No Art – Kids In Place

hippy pussy

When Triple J started playing this track, I thought “hey, this is cool! i wonder which international big name act has put this out?” Then i heard them say that that was Gypsy and the Cat and they’re off Triple J Uneathed (for those of you who don’t know, Uneathed is this unsigned band site run by yoof radio station Triple J).

For a band who got their break from Unearthed, man, they have a killer sound (not to say that other Unearthed artists don’t sound equally as awesome). But yeah, their track Jona Vark is all kinds of indie goodness and you can check it out below. They’re already getting some blog love – check out an interview done by super good blog Asian Dan.

Gypsy and the Cat – Jona Vark

Tim & Jean

Tim & Jean

Tim & Jean are two guys from Western Australia who have shot to a little bit of fame through Triple J’s Unearthed High competition. Their track Come Around is one of 6 tracks from six finalists from right across Australia. This is a competition that has discovered acts such as Grindspoon, Missy Higgins, and The Bumblebeez amongst others.

Some may call the fellas a younger version of Passion Pit and a bit of Damn Arms ‘Destination’ thrown in. But I reckon that’s a good thing! Dammit! Check out their MySpace for a better idea of what they’re really about.

The Unearthed High finalists will be announced tomorrow morning so here’s fingers crossed for Tim & Jean. Check them out on their Unearthed and their MySpace. Stay tuned too, hopefully, for a mini feature on the boys once they win unearthed(!).

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.