Felix is a dude out of Paris and man, so glad he’s come out of the woodwork. The guy has been doing things in his bedroom for about 4-5 years now (with a computer…and no…I know what you just thought).

Anyway, if you dig that atmospheric beaty electronica kinda stuff then I think Felix might be up your alley. I listen to these songs and there’s a level of familiarity about them. I feel like they should have appeared on a mount kimbie record or something. That’s not a bad thing either. Just shows how good this guy is.

It was actually a massive struggle to choose which tracks I would post of the four he sent me. So, check out his Soundcloud where you can check out all of them! But nah, really, below are two of the tracks he sent me, the two that just pip the others at the post in terms of quality. The first, Hex is that beaty, atmospheric, a little bit nuts tune that takes a hold. It keeps the same motif right throughout – the track is essentially the same thing repeated. But it’s what else is there that makes it. The motif carries it and the rest gives the track it’s body. It is pretty darn good and I’ve just realised that I don’t usually sound like that much of a wanker when I’m talking about music.

…it’s good ok?!

Felix – Hex

Onto the second fave. This was actually really hard. Something that tends to feature in a lot of his tracks is the use of a repeated motif right throughout (as Hex does so well). One that perhaps sounds more musical (or tune based and melody based) is For_eign. Once again, there is the repeated motif, this time of the guy singing, but it’s different to the others in that the chords that surround the melody give the track a level of depth.

Felix – For_eign



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  1. hey man, thanks about the post 🙂

    July 16, 2011 at 9:10 PM

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