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Woah. This is really really cool. Great diy sounding indie from Mining Boom, who, with a name like that of course started in WA (Perth to be precise).

The boys are now based in Melbourne though and although there’s only three tracks out there, it’s all pretty darn impressive. It harnesses that big kinda lo-fi sound that the more punk side of Melbourne has to offer – think Eddy Current Surpression Ring, UV Race etc.

Lead track ‘PDA’ has this thrown together, but still really really tight feel to it. I think the harmonica at the end ties it all up really nicely too. It’s taken off the boys new EP, Dining Room.

MINING BOOM – PDA (Right Click/Save As)



Straight Arrows are out of Sydney. They do the whole lo-fi punky stuff pretty damn well. Their album It’s Happening dropped last year but kinda went a little under the radar. So, with the help of some pretty decent PR dudes, there’s another push for the guys.

It’s Happening is supes lo-fi and actually lacks the warmth other lo-fi dudes have in their recordings. There’s a heap more treble in the disc. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing though. It’s something different and not like everything else. And when the songs are tight short pop songs, it’s a welcome change and kinda puts them out there.

Tracks below are Bad Temper and Magic Spectre and are a pretty good showcase of both the fast punk stuff and the slower more moody stuff that is right across the album

Straight Arrows – Bad Temper

Straight Arrows – Magic Spectre

Make sure you grab the album. It’s out on awesome Sydney label Rice Is Nice