Straight Arrows are out of Sydney. They do the whole lo-fi punky stuff pretty damn well. Their album It’s Happening dropped last year but kinda went a little under the radar. So, with the help of some pretty decent PR dudes, there’s another push for the guys.

It’s Happening is supes lo-fi and actually lacks the warmth other lo-fi dudes have in their recordings. There’s a heap more treble in the disc. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing though. It’s something different and not like everything else. And when the songs are tight short pop songs, it’s a welcome change and kinda puts them out there.

Tracks below are Bad Temper and Magic Spectre and are a pretty good showcase of both the fast punk stuff and the slower more moody stuff that is right across the album

Straight Arrows – Bad Temper

Straight Arrows – Magic Spectre

Make sure you grab the album. It’s out on awesome Sydney label Rice Is Nice

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