Sarah McLeod + Immigrant Radio

ok ok ok. Sarah McLeod. Ring any bells? Well, if you’re a local and loved your ausrock during the late nineties and early noughties, then you would have known of The Superjesus. They were a great solid band back in the day.

Sarah McLeod was their front woman…and since then she’s tried her shot at a few solo ventures. And to be honest, she changed man. She went all commercial dance stuff and it was more about the track than her – she never owned what she did. Now, ironically, with a cover, she appears to be owning. She’s done a pretty sweet cover of Dancing In The Dark by Mr Springsteen. We got the clip below, as well as a remix done by Immigrant Radio.

Also, all the proceeds for the track are going towards a pretty great charity, Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Street. You can download the track here (iTunes link). Also, if you is in Sydney, then make sure you head along to her gig at GoodGod on Wednesday night – that’s the flyer up da top.

Sarah McLeod – Dancing In The Dark (Immigrant Radio)


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