Jonathan Boulet – You’re A Animal

Oh oh oh, some new Jonathan Boulet! He had a pretty amazing album last year – check out the 2009 Best of button just up above.

The new song is called You’re A Animal…and yeah yeah, I know. It should probably be You’re AN Animal, but hey Jono’s a bit of a creative genius in my opinion so I is gonna let it slide.

The track still has that big throw a few things together feel, but man is this more intense that the stuff off his first record. It’s massively percussion heavy and goes and smacks you in the guts, but does it nicely.

Modular are saying that he’s got a new album coming out early next year. Not bad for a dude who released his first album last year and also drums in Parades, an awesome local band.

Grab the track down below and make sure you stay tuned for album deets!

Jonathan Boulet – You’re A Animal


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