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wow. This here is one of those remixes that seriously stands on it’s own two feet and shouts I’m here! Although the original is epic enough (15mins anyone?!), Andrew Weatherall‘s remix of Cut Copy‘s album closer and new single Sun God cuts away the fat, still manages to make it epic and man, I think is a late contender for one of my fave remixes of the year.

Cut Copy – Sun God (Andrew Weatherall Remix) by modularpeople



Simply put?


I love the original of this. And I also love all the remixes and originals Flight Facilities have done so far. So, really, this was a bit of a match made in heaven. It doesn’t completely alter it. It just pushes it into this more driven extended almost discoish mix, complete with seagulls. To say it’s good is an understatement.

Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Flight Facilities Remix)

Cut Copy – Zonoscope tracklisting

There’s only a month and a bit until the new Cut Copy albums drops.

This morning the boys let us know the track listing for Zonoscope. Although tracklistings are only just words on a page until you hear the tracks themselves, it’s still exciting. It is Cut Copy after all!

They also dropped a brand new remix of the first official single, Take Me Over. Done by Thee Loving Hands (or Tim Goldsworthy to his mumma), the remix is massive. A full 10:24mins long, it is this big thing full of acapella vox and big fat climaxes. Tim Goldsworthy is of course the man that produced In Ghost Colours, the last Cutters album. YES!!

Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Thee Loving Hand Remix by Tim Goldsworthy)


Cut Copy – Zonoscope tracklisting

1. Need You Now
2. Take Me Over
3. Where I’m Going
4. Pharaohs & Pyramids
5. Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution
6. Strange Nostalgia for The Future
7. This Is All We’ve Got
8. Alisa
9. Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
10. Corner of the Sky
11. Sun God


ok, so yesterday Cutters released part three of their making of Zonoscope doco series. It all looks super super exciting and i’m kind of pumped for this. You can check out ALL THREE of the docos as well as a download of their first ‘official’ single Take Me Over.

I love Take Me Over. It’s classic Cut Copy. You can tell it’s Cut Copy too which I reckon is always good. Anyway, the vid is interesting and I think might give us a bit of an inkling as to what some of the tracks sound like. Am especially looking forward to that 16 minute track at the end of the album!

Chapter 1 – Radio S.O.S.


Chapter 2 – Skies of The Milk Ape


Chapter 3 – Dark Side of The Pleasure Dome


Cut Copy – Take Me Over


So, this got me super super super excited this morning. After pulling out the phone, checking my facebook, I see that Cut Copy‘s labelModular posted up an article from SPIN mag about the new Cutters album. It has the album artwork (yep, that’s it just above), the album name, and a run down of what we can expect.

The album is called Zonoscope. And the artwork, as you can see, is rather incredible. And about the sound of the record, Cutters main man Mr Whitford reckons: “All the way along we had this weird vision of a tropical, jungle, tribal sound. A place or an idea that we wanted to reach with some of the songwriting; to explore a looping hypnotic trance and revise the whole palette of what Cut Copy was about.”

Anyway, for even more deets, check out the article over on SPIN. Also, they got part two of their making of album number three vids on there too. You can check out part one here.

The album is getting a local release on Feb 4, and will be released in the UK and Europe on Feb 7 and the US on Feb 8.

I am so bloody excited about this. And they’re playing at Laneway next year too. Seriously amazingo!