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june mixtape 13

And yep, here it finally is. A whole heap of stuff, from the crazed out sleazy funk of Sex On Toast to that blissful epicness of Big Scary and Ernest Ellis. Then there’s of course some big ol’ standouts – Kirin J Callinan‘s album is pretty good, so is that Jagwa Ma record. It’s been a pretty big month for excellent local music!

So without further ado, check it out below.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)


Ernest Ellis – Black Wire

Big Scary – Why Hip Hop Sucks in ’13

Kirin J Callinan – Victoria M.

TV Colours – Beverly

Hypersleep – Thumb Wars (Right Click/Save As)

Major Napier – Sensitive Fuck (Right Click/Save As)

Lace Curtain – Fallin’ 2

Redspencer – Night Drive (Right Click/Save As)

Tim Fitz – Hospital (Right Click/Save As)

Jagwa Ma – Did You Have To

Back Back Forward Punch – Don’t Stop Now (Right Click/Save As)

Lancelot – Thinking Of You (Feat. Whyte Fang)

Sex On Toast – Takin’ Over (Right Click/Save As)

Young Night – Another Me (Right Click/Save As)

The Real Eyes – My Lithium

Young Maverick – Mayor Of Town

Trjaeu – Elope



YM promo (small) 1 - Lorne

So these Melbourne boys are back with a new single. There seems to be a pretty big ‘trop-pop’ scene in Australia, and to be honest, it’s getting a little much. But these guys were one of the first, and with those signature high guitar lines and Robbie’s really easy going vocal vibe, Young Maverick continue to stand out from the rest.

The boys have also gone and done a clip for ‘Janitor’. You can stream that below too.

Check the gents out tonight at Ding Dong Lounge too if you’re in Melbourne!



There’s been quite a few things pop up lately, so I thought I should put together a bit of a mixtape. You can download the thing below.

These tracks are definitely my fave of this month…even if it is a little early!



1. Taxidermy Hall – R.U.M.O.U.R.S.

2. Private Life – Black Heart

3. The Ruminaters – Deadstuff

4. Belle and the Bone People – The Light

5. Young Maverick – Get Up

6. Jonti – Sugar High

7. Yes You – Be There

8. Thrupence – White Kite



ok, super quick post as i’m attempting to do my 2011 album list (fucking difficult!).

This tune has been in my head for a while now…keep on coming back to it. It is by the Young Maverick boys, a new single in fact. It’s called Calypso/Palmtree and yep, sounds like something tropical. Still has that absolutely killer indie pop sound that these boys do though.

The new single is taken off the boys debut EP, out on Jan 7. The dudes are also launching the EP, same date at The Toff. Check ’em out k?

Young MaverickCalypso/Palmtree



Ah, jangly pop. ALWAYS gets me going.

Young Maverick are from Melbourne town and do it rather well. Although we’ve only heard the one track so far, it seriously makes me want to forget everything and jump around like a maniac. They’ve got a bit of a Phoenix feel to them which is always killer. Also remind me a bit of local indie heroes Loon Lake.

The guys have an EP dropping in the next couple of months as well as playing a few local shows – check out their facebook for those!

Check out their track Reception Deception below.

Young MaverickReception Deception