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Pic courtesy of JL

ok. Just imagine there actually was a day called clipnesday. Would be all sorts of whack right?! Well, sadly, there’s not. So you’ll just have to make do with these two killer vids for two pretty killer tracks.

First up is New York based The Golden Filter. They went pretty crazy in blogland for a while and then went a little quiet. Well now they’ve got their debut album out (check it out here on itunes). It’s called Voluspa, and this clip, i suppose, acts as a bit of a teaser to what the album is like. It’s also just a tiny bit eerie too. The album should be equally as good (but hopefully not as eerie).

Ok. Second up is local guys Operator Please. Their second single is called Back & Forth and it’s off their rather impressive second album Gloves (iTunes linksies). The clip is nice and has these weird umbrella creatures in the middle bit. It’s a really nice song, and as I’ve said before, a biiig step up for the kids.

Third up is the promo vid for the new Kitsune Maison compilation. Kitsune always put together awesome compilations…and their 9th comp, The Cotton Issue (iTunes), looks bloody bloody good. If there was ever a blog heavy CD release, it would probably be the Kitsune Maison comps.