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jordan f

Let me tell you about the epiphany I had when electronic music first opened up for me: it is not robot music, it is human music. What?

Well permit me one outlandish claim:
For all the futuristic designs, talking computers and synthetic sounds: the best electronic artists are the always ones who do what computers can’t – harnessing all the inhuman aesthetic to highlight the humanity behind it.
*canned crowd gasp*

I know it sounds all philosophy-nerd to type it out, but think about it. Right? Daft Punk are the classic example of this working (identity-less robots from the future making visceral, organic disco?) – but today I present to you Sydney’s Jordan F in the very same sentence.

Falling like Diamonds‘ (bottom of the post) was totally the correct choice as a single from his new Freefall EP – that could respectably rep some good 80’s retro in a club set anywhere – and plenty of cooler blogs justifiably jumped on the teaser last month. But now we have the whole thing and I’m especially wobbly over ‘The Void‘. Just listen to this thing:

Man. That raw instrumental mix, that throaty analog heartbeat, that shimmery digital cloud, and all the timing just loosened off enough to get me chair-swaying every. single. time.

I guess I would put it somewhere in the void (ah? ah?) between Kavinsky (Fr) and Todd Terje (Nor), but it’s different – and very human indeed (Edit – just saw Acid Stag beat me to the Kavinsky reference, but I do surely agree). Kudos, Mr F. You will find me over on his facebook compulsively refreshing the page until some live dates appear.


fill that hole


ok. So one of the bands that supported Decoder Ring the other night were a crew from Sydney called Seekae. I like to call them GlitchPop. To me, these guys produce really well crafted pop music, but take it that level up by adding some disjointed beats and glitches galore. I’ve spoken about my love of a show called the Sound Lab before. It’s a show on Triple J that is all about the more experimental side of electronica as well as a bit of post rock kinda stuff thrown in. I’m pretty sure these guys have featured on it before.

They’re gig with Decoder Ring the other night was pretty darn good. I was apprehensive I must admit seeing some crazy dude behind a drumkit and a soundboard kinda thing and a macbook sitting up on a milk crate. But yeah, that drummer was awesome. Those dude’s twiddling knobs and blowing into a melodica were awesome too. This kinda genre of music is one I’ve liked but never really gotten into. And I know if I listened to it all the time, I would go mad and would begin to hate it. So it’s in this small dose style that suits me best.

Here’s one of the standout tracks from their support slot the other night taken from their album The Sound of Trees Falling On People. None of that here though…no trees. im in a library. yeah.

Seekae – Void

(MySpace, iTunes)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.