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I was going to begin this month’s with some long winded metaphorical ramble about names and hey, what’s in a name you know?

Big statements make us take notice. That immediate impact, no matter what, can be pretty hard to forget. Statements that are distinctive in their voice, in their makeup, hey even in their words.

It looks like a scene from The Great Gatsby out my window – a low lit swimming pool with young, attractive people, cavorting around, champagne in hand. They’re making impacts. Drunk, flirtatious immediate impacts. You’ll see what’s underneath those pert bods soon, the distinct beings that they are. But for now, those quick smacks in the face’ll do you.

A tape, full of everything, all marked and unmistakable in what they’re conveying. All for you. And please try the download – you won’t regret it (ha mate, hopefully).

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)



So, a little while ago, I put it out to the maamf facebook people, asking whether they’d be keen to see video clips back on the blog. And it was a resounding yes…well, thanks to Tommy, Nick and the Brightly boys.

So, what better way to introduce new clips back to the site than a clip from VelociraptorTheir new clip for new single ‘The Walk On By’ is just awesome. These guys always tell a story in their clips, and it’s always hilarious, and always incredibly well produced.


The guys are in the middle of their ‘The World Warriors’ Tour at the moment too. More info here.



Well well well…who woulda funk it? A Monthly Mixtape delivered on time? Yeah, it’s the 1st of August and here is July’s Mixtape all up in your grill n shit.

Pretty good mix this time round, if I don’t say so myself – bit of everything. Majority local, new Jordan F EP is amazing. Then there’s also some killer stuff from Amali Ward & QWARMS, The Nectars, Pop Singles, and serial maamf feature man, Ry.

Then of course there’s the internationals – man, that Frank Ocean record is something amazing. And there’s also a killer track from New Yorkers, Romans.

But yeah, you can stream/download the mix below…but if bandwidth ain’t your friend, a few of the tracks are available for free download too!

MAAMF – JULY ’12 MIX (Right click/save as)


Jordan F – Crime in Fourth Sector

Ry – Won’t Be Long (Prod. Soul Marauder)

Sable – Euphoria

Amali Ward – Leave Me Alone (QWARMS RMX)

Van She – Coconuts

Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (feat.  André 3000)

Romans – Mystery Girl

Sticky Fingers – Caress Your Soul

Wildcat General Strike – Is Jonathan Taking You Out Again?

The Nectars – Do You Want Me To Possess You?

Velociraptor – Riot

Bad Dreems – Too Old

Single Twin – confused during the show

Love Migrate – Making This Hard

Pop Singles – Field in Flames

Bored Nothing – Get Out Of Here



ok. Brissie 12 piece (yeah, that’s right) Velociraptor are launching their new single ‘Riot’ with a mini tour. The new single is coming off their mini LP, The World Warriors which is set for release September 2 through Create/Control.

The track itself is a really good journey into big-fat-don’t-give-a-shit rock’n’roll. But perhaps the greatest thing about this band is their film clips. It’s fun rolled into 2 minutes and 47 seconds. Seriously good.

The Riot Tour

Wed 25 Jul – Beach Road Hotel, Sydney – Free entry

Thu 26 Jul – Great Northern, Newcastle – Tickets from

Fri 27 Jul – Beresford, Sydney – Free entry

Thu 2 Aug – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane – Tickets from

Fri 3 Aug – The Espy, Melbourne – Free entry