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Well well well…who woulda funk it? A Monthly Mixtape delivered on time? Yeah, it’s the 1st of August and here is July’s Mixtape all up in your grill n shit.

Pretty good mix this time round, if I don’t say so myself – bit of everything. Majority local, new Jordan F EP is amazing. Then there’s also some killer stuff from Amali Ward & QWARMS, The Nectars, Pop Singles, and serial maamf feature man, Ry.

Then of course there’s the internationals – man, that Frank Ocean record is something amazing. And there’s also a killer track from New Yorkers, Romans.

But yeah, you can stream/download the mix below…but if bandwidth ain’t your friend, a few of the tracks are available for free download too!

MAAMF – JULY ’12 MIX (Right click/save as)


Jordan F – Crime in Fourth Sector

Ry – Won’t Be Long (Prod. Soul Marauder)

Sable – Euphoria

Amali Ward – Leave Me Alone (QWARMS RMX)

Van She – Coconuts

Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (feat.  André 3000)

Romans – Mystery Girl

Sticky Fingers – Caress Your Soul

Wildcat General Strike – Is Jonathan Taking You Out Again?

The Nectars – Do You Want Me To Possess You?

Velociraptor – Riot

Bad Dreems – Too Old

Single Twin – confused during the show

Love Migrate – Making This Hard

Pop Singles – Field in Flames

Bored Nothing – Get Out Of Here



It’s the June mixtape. Below are the tracks that have got me through the past month. It even features a small bit of a double feature working ‘Wimbledon 1980’ by Indian Wells and the Jon Hopkins piano version of ‘Modern Driveway’ originally by Luke Abbott.

This was easily the most fun mix to make, especially working with the opening rework. Once again, it features some absolutely killer tracks, from the amazing indie goodness of I, A Man, the almost tribal epicness of Jonathan Boulet to the straight out techno fantasticness of the latest track from The Presets.

MAAMF JUNE ’12 MIXTAPE (Right click/save as to download)


Indian Wells vs. Luke Abbott/Jon Hopkins – Modern Driving to Wimbledon 1980

I, A Man – The Scenic Route (Right click/save as to download)

Bobby Womack – Stupid Interlude (Ft. Gil Scott-Heron)

Bobby Womack – Stupid

Grey and Patrice – So Beautiful (Right click/save as to download)

Collarbones – Missing

The Presets – Youth In Trouble

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – American Dream, Pt II

Snakadaktal – Dance Bear

Van She – Jamaica

Junior Boys – Every Little Step (Flume Remix)

Jonathan Boulet – Dread Is This Place

Jeremy Neale – Darlin’ (Right click/save as to download)

Saskwatch – Your Love

Palms – Love

Cat Power – Ruin (Right click/save as to download)

The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands (Chet Faker Remix)

Love Migrate – Plagued Are All My Thoughts



Can’t really wait for the new Van She album. Gonna be pretty killer I reckon, and a bit of a departure from their indie pop stylings of a few years ago. New track, ‘Jamaica’ is a tropical jam, that on a cold Melbourne day – it is seriously about 10 degrees outside – makes me want to raise the body heat.

Album drops on July 6 locally – I’ve pre-ordered my copy.  The guys are also heading out on tour – deets here.

Van She – Jamaica by modularpeople



So, this is perhaps the latest a mixtape has ever been…a little over a month late. Pretty abysmal I know.

But you know what, it’s a fucking good tape.

MAAMF – April ’12 Mix


Bewilderbeast – Push’d Out

Jonathan Boulet – This Song Is Called Raggard

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Bloody Ripper

Antonio Paul – Into the Night

Bon Iver – Perth (Avec Sans cover)

Muscles – Ready for a Fight

World’s End Press – Second Day Uptown

Major Lazer – Get Free (Feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)

Allday – Girls In Jeans

Art of Sleeping – Empty Hands

Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court

Van She – Idea of Happiness

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So, this week has been pretty crummy. But new Van She is seriously making it better. And perhaps it’s no coincidence that their new track is called Idea of Happiness. After getting its debut on on Triple J Mornings just after 9 this morning, it’s been in my head since. And now I’m listening to it on repeat…and will do until I need to get back to work.

It’s slightly different to the earlier work (think Kelly, Sex City, Changes etc), but it’s a progression, and who the hell’s gonna blame them from evolving their sound?! It perhaps incorporates a bit of their Van She Tech work, which is definitely a killer thing.

I think all in all though, it’s still great feel-good, uplifting pop music…and i’m a sucker for that shit every fucking time.

Van She – Idea Of Happiness by modularpeople

The track is the first new stuff from the guys in a fair few years and is indeed the title track for their second album, due out July 6 in Australia, July 9 in the UK and Eurpoe and July 10 in the US of A.

If you are a local kid though, you can check the boys out as they head on a nationwide tour in support of the new stuff – dates below.

Sat 14 April – Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA BUY TIX
Sun 15 April – Down The Rabbit Hole, Perth WA BUY TIX
Thu 19 April – Cobra Kai at Oh Hello!, Brisbane QLD BUY TIX
Fri 20 April – Elsewhere, Gold Coast QLD BUY TIX
Sat 21 April – Warehouse Party, Byron Bay NSW BUY TIX
Tue 24 April – The Toff, Melbourne VIC BUY TIX
Wed 25 April – Beach Road Hotel, Sydney NSW FREE ENTRY


meanwhile, in the back of the van, she mixed a few tracks

Van She put together a little 26min mid last year for super blog Asain Dan (check out the post actually for a nice little interview with Nicky from the band). Don’t know how I only just found it, given I do love my Van She, but I did…and it still kills. They provide some of the best remixes out there (imo), and although they haven’t put out that much of late, get your teeth into this minimix until the big shit hits at the end of the year (hopesfully).

Van She – TechMiniMix ’09


Runaroud Sue – Dion & The Belmonts
Together – Shadow Dancer
Once Again – Popmuschi VSTEdit
La Musique – Riot in Belgium (Acca)
Synthetiseur – Housse De Racket (Van She Tech Remix)
Starlette – BB&Q Band ( Van She Edit )
Hot Chocolate – Heaven Is In The Backseat Of My Cadillac (The Revenge Rework)
Mind Warp – Patrick Cowley +
E=MC2 – Georgio Moroder (Acca)
Gravitys Rainbow – Klaxons (Acca)
Sexual City (Vemixed) – Van She
1234 – Fiest (Acca)
RappersDelight – Evian Van She Tech mix
crow_ intro
I’m In Love With You – The Paradise
Original FF 2
Rich Boys (The Virgins Cover)
He’s So Shy – The Pointer Sisters

the best thing about Australia would be…

…my two favourite bands (more on that later though). I’m going to be serious for a short moment – maamf is very rarely serious, so it’s only a once in a lifetime kind of thing!)

I’m not one for patriotism…in recent times, the Australian flag has been used in such a negative way that I actually cringe when I see people get off the train going to the Big Day Out draped in an Australian flag. You can only think of drunk bogans drinking on the train, the over the top ‘love for their country’ crap, as well as the hidden messages behind it all. There have been some horrible slogans created by some of these bogans who reckon that Australia is just for them. They actually forget that Australia is built on people coming here, we are full of many different people/cultures etc. And that’s what makes us us.

Anyway, whilst I’m not that much of a fan of what Australia Day conjures up on a mainstream-ish scale, I am a fan of the Hottest100 of course…although the winner was leaked a few days before! I’m also a fan of some of the great Australian artists, designers, writers, musicians. Two of my favourite bands are Australian actually.

Cut Copy are definitely favourites amongst the blogging community also. They’re just one of those bands that sound good, all the time. They’re a great live band. They’re also great doing a DJ set. They’re just awesome basically. And perhaps my favourite Cutters song is off their debut album Bright Like Neon Love. The track is Time Stands Still and you can check it just below.

Another fave band of mine would have to be Van She. These guys are also pretty massive in the blogging scene…but perhaps more so for their remixes under the Van She Tech moniker. Their debut, V is a fave of mine. And one of my favourite pop songs ever written is Kelly. Check that just below also.

Cut Copy – Time Stands Still

Van She – Kelly

K. That’ll do the ramble for now

The 10 Best Tracks of 2009

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record I know, but this list was probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to compile, even outside of the blog.

I think the main contributing factor behind this is that the blog isn’t specialised, there’s just too much good stuff out there to choose from. We don’t just post some electro/dance kinda stuff. We don’t just put a focus on indie rock. We post both of those…and about 50 other styles too (50 might be a slight tiny exageration…). As our About page says, “we’ll like just about anything”…and whilst this may seem to be a bit of a hinderence when it comes to compiling best of lists, I think it’s what makes maamf just that little bit different…different to the 50 gazillion other music blogs out there.

Anyway, enough of blowing the maamf trumpet and onto the 10 best tracks of 2009.

There’s a good mix here. Some electro, some indie pop, some singer songwriter stuff, hell…even some hip hop. I’ve even numbered them too…big call and was difficult…so please don’t take too much notice of the order the tracks are in!!

10. Goodnight Owl – Maps & Compasses

09. Van She – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

08. The Temper Trap – Fader

07. The Golden Filter – Solid Gold

06. Hermitude – Your Call (feat. Urthboy & Elana Stone)

05. Tim & Jean – Come Around

04. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

03. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

02. The Middle East – Blood

01. Phoenix – Lisztomania

Comment away people! Be interested to know what you think of my list, and what made yours!!

The 10 Best Remixes of 2009

ok. So I know I said that these things are hard (For those new readers, I wrote last week that compiling my albums list was pretty freakin difficult), but man. I never thought that there would be so many remixes to dwindle down. It’s been a bloody good year for remixes I reckon. Hype bands like Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Miike Snow have had the shit remixed out of them (I counted 34 remixes in my iTunes for Phoenix alone and I’m sure that’s only about half of them available out there). There has also been a few new dudes/dudettes to come on the scene who have produced some great remixes (Alan Wilkis is an awesome example of this).

Anyway, here it is though. (No order…too hard to do that too!)

The MAAMF Top 10 Remixes of 2009

Miike Snow – Animal (Mark Ronson Remix)

The Scare – Could Be Bad (G.L.O.V.E.S. 12″ Megamix)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Passion Pit Remix)

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Yuksek Remix)

Little Boots – New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)

Ladyhawke – Paris is Burning (Alex Metric Remix)

Miami Horror – Sometimes (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix)

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Alan Wilkis Remix)

Lost Valentinos – Thief (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

Van She – Talkin’ (Van She Tech Remix)

What do you think? Good list? I think it covers a bit. I originally had close to 40 remixes that were all in serious contention…so I’m sure I’ve left something out etc. A few standouts for me were the Alan Wilkis remix of TTT. Changed the song completely, and it worked bloody well. He had a few remixes in contention actually – check his remixes out on Hype Machine. Another standout of the year would definitely be G.L.O.V.E.S. He’s put forward some awesome remixes this year – so good, I had to include 2 in my list! There were other obvious inlusions like Fred Falke (it wouldn’t be a MAAMF best of list without some of the Falkemeister) and his French pal Yuksek. All of them were standouts though…you know…that’s what a best of list is kinda all about and shit.

Anyway, comment away.

in between

Matt Van Schie

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have heard me rave about this new one a few weeks ago. Well, the good folk at triple j have offered it up as a free download! Awesome. Matt Van Shie has gone solo. Well, hopefully it’s just a side project for a bit…this is all in between supposedly working on the new Van She album. I blogged about the new Van She track yesterday.

Also, if you want a pretty good idea of what his other stuff is going to sound like, check out his MySpace for some extra tracks. He’s producing some good stuff I think. Bit different to Van She, but still good. The track Journey on his MySpace features some work from Mikey from the band so he doesn’t seem to be steering too far away.

Matt Van Schie – Saturday Night

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

he said she said VAN SHE

van she

ok. So if you keep up with the music bloggers out there, you may have noticed that Van She have a new track out. It’s no secret that Van She are probably one of my favourite bands out there so this is pretty exciting for me!

The boys are notorious for not really updating their MySpace/their facebook. But, if you keep up with their twitter, you’ll know that they’re currently working on a new album. So, just like their debut, V, it’ll probably take them about 2 years to finally get it out there!

But, there is good news. Triple J’s Mix Up dropped a newy from the fellas just recently. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper is pretty darn sweet. Covering an old 70’s track by Blue Öyster Cult, they’ve made it sound just like Van She. It’s a radio rip, so the quality isn’t great and who knows whether this is how it’ll sound in it’s final format, but still, it’s a goo indication as to where they’re headin!

So, without further ado, here it is.

Van She – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (Radio Rip)

You can check out the boys here on iTunes, as well as their remix project Van She Tech on MySpace

Leave Them All Behind III

You won't leave this behind once you purchase it...well maybe you might after you load it onto your itunes...oh man, i just rolled myself

ok. so this is a pretty decent compilation. It’s from the Aussie label, Modular. The release has two discs, one mixed and one unmixed. I’ve crapped on about this release before…you can check that out here.

The mix cd is done by Andee Frost, a member of the Bang Gang Deejays. It’s good good good and has a really nice track selection. Canyons, Van She, Knightlife, The Golden Filter, Bag Raiders etc etc etc. All pretty darn sweet. The disc crams 23 tracks into an hour and 20 mins though, so there’s only a bit of some tracks…but yeah, i guess that’s the same for any mix. Only having 2:02 mins of the 7:27 min epic Blue Snakes was a bit of a let down though. And, whilst i’m on the not so amazingly great points, the mix does seem to end kinda abruptly.

But yeah, all in all, it’s a gooooooooooooooooooooood, nice, hey, it’s even a little dope, mix.

That’s only half of it though. The second disc, the unmixed one, has opened me up. Not in a medical surgical way…oh, and not in a sexual way either (just to clarify there ok?). It’s opened me up to new tracks, new artists. Being a music blogger, you realise how much shit is out there and you are constantly realising that you’re never going to be at the forefront of what’s happening…purely because what’s new changes every second. But then you get a good compilation…such as this one, and you begin to explore the work of artists you may only know the name of because you read it on a blog somewhere.

Anyway, I degress. Some of the stuff on disc 2 i love are the opener, What You Need by Tiga (never thought i’d get into this dude), Skeleton Boy by Friendly Fires (this has been a fave for a while), One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix) by Bloc Party (niiiiiiiiiiicccccccccceeeee), Tonight’s Today by Jack Penate (know nothing about this dude except that i like like like this track), Counterpoint by Delphic (soarer), and 15 to 20 by The Phenomenal Handclap Band (fuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!).

Anyway, there’s some good tracks here, all compiled from Modular’s extensive catalogue.

To leave you with, the one i knew nothing about, but now wish i knew everything about.

Jack Penate – Tonight’s Today

(Check out Mr Penate on MySpace, and buy the compilation here at JB)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

Leave Them All Behind III

Leave Them All Behind III

ok. Modular are definitely one of my favourite record labels out there. Apart from their idea of a music festival last year, they house some of the best bands out there. People who know me will know that I don’t shut up about how good Cut Copy and Van She are. I also LOVE the Avalanches and am waiting on their new release. And their recent signings of Canyons and the Bang Gang boys have got me a bit excited.

But, i do digress. Every few years Modular put out a compilation called Leave Them All Behind. I’m a bit late onto the bandwagon, but their previous releases are pretty impressive. All three so far have featured a mixed cd and an unmixed cd. You can check out the previous two here via the ModPeople site. This time round, the boys from Bang Gang Deejays have mixed the first disc. There’s definitely a few of my favourite tracks of this year on this disc, so is a bit exciting. Golden Filter’s track Solid Gold features as well as the Vemixes version of Changes by the much loved Van She.

The second disc also features some faves of mine. Stuff like Passion Pit, Friendly Fires and Whitest Boy Alive all feature. I reckon if you like the Kitsune releases, you will probably like this comp. I’d call it Kitsune with a little bit less of an electro feel (the second disc obviously).

I’ve ordered my copy (free with a modular tote bag…ok!) from the JBHiFi website. If you’re not in Australia, you should check out the ModPeople online shop. It comes out on the 7th of August here…not too sure about OS.

To leave you with, a sneak peak of the tracks featured. Mixed by the Bang Gang boys, it’s not the best teaser mix put out for a compilation – the JBAG mix of the Kitsune7 Compilation was pretty stella. This teaser mix DOES give a pretty good idea of the style of tracks on the comp though 🙂

Leave Them All Behind III Tease Her MIX – Modular Records

Also check out the Modular Blog if you like what you hear.

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

Van She – Ze Vemixes

van she

ok. So there’s no secret that I love Van She and I also love all the remixes they’ve done. So, this review will of course be biased. But, can I just say how good Ze Vemixes is? And how good they are live? So much fun.

Enough of the giddy gushing about the boys. Onto a proper review of what is playing on my iTunes as I write. I think every track is good. They’re all different and if you like the other remixes they’ve done (oh. try here, here, and here), then you should definately get the album (iTunes Link – Is Cheap!). I’m tossing up between faves. Having seen them last night, I think some went off a bit more than others. Tracks like Talkin’, It Could Be The Same, Sexual City and the THUMPING Techno Music, definately went off like a rocket last night.

The album itself does is not just a remix album version of V, their debut album that Ze Vemixes is packaged with (You can either buy just the remix cd or both at a reduced price digitally). It also covers some of their other work with tracks off ther first EP as well as a newy, Techno Music.

There is also an amazing mix of Virgin Suicide. It’s great. Very downtempo and I reckon could be better than the original. Big claim. I know. You know what else is a big claim? Your face. (Harsh right? Yeah. Oops. Sorry. You’re probably a very attractive person. Not that I know you or anything. If I do, then…well…umm…shit).

To finish off with, I think i’ll leave my fave from the album. (Yes, in that time, I have made up my mind.) It’s one of my fave Van She tracks off their first ever release, the Van She EP.

Van She – Sexual City (Van She Tech Remix)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

harder better faster stronger…and longer

no. it’s not what you’re thinking. I mean gee. I don’t even have to write anything and you already assume. YOU HAVE A VERY VERY DIRTY MIND!. Very dirty. Ok. Well now that that’s out of the way, i’d like to tell you about some of the stuff i’ve been listening to lately.

One of the things i love about blogging about music is the fact that I get to explore and listen to all this music I wouldn’t normally. Whilst I still have my main loves of indie dance and good guitar indie pop, i’ve been getting into some really long mixes from some local dj’s. Inner City Waste is a night here in Melbourne Town. It’s pretty decent and they seem to get a lot of sets from the Bang Gang fellas. Anyway, if you like your hour long mixes, then the Inner City Waste website is a great place to start. I especially recommend checking out the Gus Da Hoodrat 5 hour set. That’s if your download limit allows it. Thank God for Uni Internet!!! Another set I’ve found is one by some local boys Leslie Salvador. You can check that out here:

Leslie Salvador – Fromage Disco

On Friday night I’m checking out VAN SHE!!! I love these guys. They’ve just released a remix album of their own stuff and it is freaking sweet as. You can check it out here on iTunes. They did a dj set as Van She Tech on Triple J’s Mix Up – they’ve got a residency 9-10 every saturday night for the whole of June. Anyway, here’s a link for you to download the first set they did. I’ve also included a teaser of their remix album.

Van She – Ze Vemixes (Teaser Mix)

Anyway, you should definately chack them out. Check out their myspace for more details!

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

Van She TOUR!!