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Yep. Once again, it’s new Matt Walters. The gent can, in my eyes, do no wrong.

The new EP, The Vacant Heart EP is such a great collection of songs. There’s some The Middle East influence in some of the tracks – especially with the beds of found sound/vocals that sit underneath a lof of the intro and outro’s. It’s also a fucking pop release (!). Not what I was expecting, but man, it’s freaking good to see the dude meld his emotive folk with some real pop instrumentation and song structure.

I’ve got ‘To Die Young’ below as a stream. That big chorus, those continuous drums, the funky bass line that seeps through. It knocks me down every time. It’s produced to a t.

You can WILL AND MUST grab the full EP for a measly $4 over on Matt’s bandcamp.