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Sydney kids Jubilants have a newy out, Spain and to be honest, I’ve really slept on this. I wasn’t blown away at the beginning – there’s a massive Foals influence in this track, and that’s not a bad thing…but I dunno, it didn’t grab me.

It’s had some time to sit with me though and it’s actually a bit of a grower. It has production to die for and a level of maturity and confidence that we perhaps didn’t see in their first track Antics. It’s summery enough to be a nice finish up to the warmer part of the year, but also has a bit of a dark tinge to it…kinda like the days that we’ve been getting lately in Melbs.


You can download it from their Unearthed profile –


getting all broken these holidays

The Holidays. I saw these guys a few months ago support Bluejuice…and they were pretty impressive. Massive use of percussion in their live shows which is always good to see! These dudes have already got a bit of buzz – they’ve been getting reasonably high rotation on the J’s, and I’m sure they’re picking up a bit from community radio too.

You may remember their killer tropical indie party jam called Moonlight Hours that was doing the rounds earlier on this year. Loved that track something massif, as well as the Jonathan Boulet remix that we featured. The guys have a new single out though. It’s called Broken Bones, and it’s a grower. Definite grower. Bit of a slow-groover with a real nice synth sound. Also included is their trademark percussion, put to good use in the chorus.

The new single is taken from their new album, Post Paradise which is (finally) hitting stores on Sep 24th. You can pre-order it now at JB and get it signed by the band and get a FRIDGE MAGNET (!!!) if you so wish. Or you can just pre-order it on iTunes. OR, you could wait for the 24th, and go into a record store and physically buy the thing with money, or a card taken from your wallet that was in your pocket.

Check out a little preview vid for the album just below as well as a download of Broken Bones. Also make sure you check out the guys on their Post Paradise tour. Grab tix to most of their gigs via our posse store, or head to their website for a full list of gigs

The Holidays – Broken Bones