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YM promo (small) 1 - Lorne

So these Melbourne boys are back with a new single. There seems to be a pretty big ‘trop-pop’ scene in Australia, and to be honest, it’s getting a little much. But these guys were one of the first, and with those signature high guitar lines and Robbie’s really easy going vocal vibe, Young Maverick¬†continue to stand out from the rest.

The boys have also gone and done a clip for ‘Janitor’. You can stream that below too.

Check the gents out tonight at Ding Dong Lounge too if you’re in Melbourne!



There’s something super pop about the new New Navy single. Seriously fun, summery pop with A FREAKING VIBRASLAP! Also features a really lovely middle section just with some Uke.

Pretty beut.

Stream the single below, and make sure you purchase it when it comes out on Friday.