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Gold Fields. With a name like that, where else but Ballarat aye?

These guys produce that lovely dancey indie pop that is bound to get them a bit of a massive following. Having just finished up a tour in the UK with The Naked & Famous, they’re definitely doing alright. This here single, Treehouse, is coming out on UK label Young & Lost Club…but before all this UK touring and label signing they were a hit on Unearthed, which I guess gave them their break.

The track Treehouse is nice, reminds me a bit of Bloc Party, Alpine, and some other smooth sounding indie pop bands. If you head over to their bandcamp page, and check out the demos page, then you can give two more tracks of theirs a listen. These fellas know how to write a killer pop song I tell ya.

Gold Fields – Treehouse (Grab the mp3 from their Unearthed Profile)