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Ohhhh mate. I fucking love it when a guy you wrote about a while ago comes back with a follow up that takes what he did well and kinda nails it even more. Brisbane’s Tincture has done that. The producer has just released the follow up to last year’s ‘Tryst’ which featured Hazel Brown.

The new track ‘Similar Circles’ takes the soulful vocals, but still keeps a real delicate style production. This is a real relief if we consider the aggressive stuff that’s coming out of a lot of the Australian beats scene at the moment, and it immediately sets Tincture apart from the rest. ‘Similar Circles’ manages to harness that delicate soulful sound into this sense of uneasy urgency. But it doesn’t go where you expect it to. It holds back – there isn’t that culmination of energy resulting in one big climax. It nearly does, but it leaves you in the lurch. As he has shown in his earlier work, Tincture masters restraint in his production, something all too rare in the current Australian beats landscape.

This is good.




ohmygosh it took me a while i know.

It’s here though. As is probably the same with everyone this time of year, things be fucking crazy. I don’t know if doing a freakin’ PhD helps. This is the tape for November though. Featuring tracks that hit the inbox/i came across during the month of November that I reckon are ace.

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Leaks – Often It’s You (Right Click/Save As)
Snakadaktal – Fall Underneath (Kilter Remix)
Jesse Davidson – Big Bois Gotta Eat 
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Banoffee – Reign Down
Major Leagues – Silver Tides
Cool Sounds – Ten Thousand Hours 
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Slum Sociable – Watch Me Turn Colourful
Tincture – Tryst (Feat. Hazel Brown) [Nagakin Remix]
Nathan Roche – Serafina
andre – friends 
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DANVERS – Oh Darling
Immigrant Union – I Can’t Return
Elroy 4.0 & The Kite String Tangle – Trinkets 
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I’lls – To All The Blurred (Rat & Co Remix)
Ma Petite – Lonesome 
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Tincture is the work of Luke Dalton, a dude based out of Brissie. His new track ‘Tryst’ features the vocals of Melbourne’s Hazel Brown of Otouto. You may have heard some of Tincture’s other work – he’s popped out a couple of remixes and mixtapes over the past year or two.

I think what sets this track apart from the other soul-driven electronic music coming out at the moment is that balance between delicate (those claps and those set back vocals) and pretty darn confident (the vocal cut ups, the synth in the chorus and that guitar that hits you in the breakdown bit). And those are just some of the more obvious moments of that delicate/confident dichotomy that seems to pervade this track.

Check out the track below, and if you dig, you can grab a copy over on the Silo Arts bandcamp. Sydney’s Nagakin is also on the remix duties. Gonna be schweet!