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new music first #10

just as long as it's not on the new music...

ok. so some new music…there’s been so much going on lately with festival announcements, awesome remixes, album releases, killer new leaked tracks. There’s also been a lot of personal external factors (by that I mean, outside of the music industry). Uni is nearly finished, got one exam and a 4,500 paper due in the next few weeks as well as the research i’m doing as part of my internship with the Inspire Foundation. It’s all just nuts. Keeping on top of it all is a little difficult, but yeah, in a few weeks, i’ll be free!! Anyway, the reason I rant about stress is because i’m going to keep the blog posts to a minimum for the next few weeks. I’ll still post, trust me…and i’ll probably post more than I should. But yeah, she’ll be right.

Anywho, new music aye?!

K. First up is Tegan and Sara. Year, these guys have been around for a while and I never really took much notice of them. They’ve been playing their new track Hell on Triple J pretty continuously. I like it. Reminds me of Magic Dirt, especially the vocals – reminds me of Adalita (Magic Dirt singer) a hell of a lot. haha…get it? ‘hell’ of a lot??!! funny aren’t i? …yeah…ahh…oh shit.

Tegan and Sara – Hell (iTunes)

Next up is a band out of Belgium called Showstar. They’re pretty good, and they write a killer pop song. They’re third album Think Ringo is set to be released in January…and yeah, don’t know much about these guys. They’ve only got one track up on their myspace…but if Gold Mine is anything to go off, then they’re a band to check out.

Showstar – Gold Mine (radio edit) (iTunes)

Third on the list is a dude with a ridiculously long name. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart is from New York and is bloody good. Dreamish pop that kinda washes over you. Sure, the intro sounds like Smashing Pumpkins, but it’s still great. Could be a fave of the year maybe.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Higher Than The Stars (iTunes)

Megan Washington is from Brisbane and goes by the name Washington. Original right? Well…yeah, kinda I suppose. Her music is definitely original though. Bad segue? Yup! Saw her on Spicks & Specks the other week and man, she blew me away. Freakin killer voice. Reminds me of Sarah Blasko a bit…not really a fan of Ms Blasko, but Washington…hell yeah!

Washington – How to Tame Lions (iTunes)

No relation to Washington, King Washington are a crew out of LA producing some awesome singer-songwriter rock’n’roll. They’re a pretty musical bunch of fellas, and they’re bringing harmony back…yeah…

King Washington – Live On

Last up, Philadelphia Grand Jury are not from Philadelphia…funnily enough. They’re actually from Sydney. You hear the track. I’ll tell you that it’s just two fellas. Well, they’ve obviously got a drummer and others for their live show, but the mainstay is just these two blokes. They’re a massive Triple J band too…so that’s something going right for ’em.

Philadelphia Grand Jury – The Good News (iTunes)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.