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I’ve written about Sugarcraft before. I really dug the work that they did – they started putting out stuff in early 2011…but it’s been a little while since drinks.

That all changed this morning though when the duo put up their debut EP up on their bandcamp as a free download.

It still has that real funk feel with Beth’s super sexy vocals.

Perhaps my fave cuts from the release are Holiday and the reworked version of Feeling featuring Ray Mann. But, really, the whole release is pretty great.



Good name for a band aye?

Sugarcraft are Beth from The Little Stevies and one of the Bens from The Megahorns, two local Melbourne bands.

They produce this really nice soul hip-hop kinda stuff with some freakin nice, super warm grooves.

Not sure what’s happening with these guys, and it was purely by chance I stumbled upon their Facebook page, but it’s good to see a bit of a love-in between two local acts. We’ve spoken about The Little Stevies before, and they’re all sorts of good with their indie folk. On the other hand though however, I think the only time I’ve seen The Megahorns play was when they were just starting out a fair few years ago and they use to play/busk on the streets of Melbourne.

Anyway, you can check out their track Feeling featuring another Melbourne dude Ray Mann. Also, if you like, jump along to their Unearthed profile and grab some more of their stuff.

Sugarcraft – Feeling (Ft Ray Mann)

2011 Australian Album List

pic courtesy of Erin.

ok. So, for the second time in as many years, a new Avalanches album has made the Home & Hosed‘s Album’s of the new year list.

And here’s hoping that they actually do put out a new album this year, some 11 or so years after their debut.

Anyway, enough of the Avalanches anxiety. There are some pretty exciting albums on this list.

The ones I’m looking most forward to are:

FEB – Cut Copy – Zonoscope (Modular/Universal)

MAR – Collarbones – Iconography (Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control), The Little Stevies – Attention Shoppers (Independent), Oh Mercy – Great Barrier Grief (Capitol/EMI)

APR – Mike Noga – The Balladeer Hunter (TBC)

JUNE – Nick Huggins – TBA (Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control)

AUG – Big Scary – TBA (Independent)

NO MONTH YET – Alpine – TBA (Ivy League), The Avalanches – TBA (Modular/Universal), Jonathan Boulet – TBA (Modular/Universal), Geoffrey O’Connor – TBA (Chapter Music), The Grates – TBA (Dew Process/Universal), Gotye – TBA (Independent/Eleven), Jack Ladder – TBA (Spunk/EMI), The Middle East – TBA (Spunk/EMI), No Device – The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands (Independent), Pnau – Soft Universe (Warner Music), Rat Vs Possum – TBA (Sensory Projects), Seekae – TBA (Rice Is Nice), The Twerps – TBA (Chapter Music), World’s End Press – TBA (Love & Mercy)

You can access the full list here.

And of course, some music, to get you in the mood.

The Little Stevies – Feel It

Seekae – Blood Bank

Oh Mercy – Keith St.

World’s End Press – Faithful

No need for a Contiki tour…

to infinity and beyond...but underwater and not in a shopping trolley...although...

This time The Little Stevies brought us a charming video written by Lachlan Woods and directed one of the band members himself, Robin Geradts-Gill. This pictorial journey gives us a visual feast of their latest release, Dink You.

The video opens with interviewer, Hannah Moon discovering TLS plan to circumnavigate the world…and yes, you got it- by bicycle! Ok, I admit the idea is not new but TLS gave the concept a refreshing spin. Just like the catchy line in the song itself, “so let’s jump on our bikes and cycle ‘round the entire world”. TLS set the scene for an exciting journey kicking off from Elwood Beach in Victoria, equipped with their bikes, scuba gear and even table-tennis balls.

I was a bit disappointed at the use of still shots and for some silly reason I ACTUALLY expected to see them cycling around the entire world. But I guess TLS need to leave something to our imagination.

The product placement could have been a tad more subtle, as they paraded their scuba-cycling attire. (But I must divulge that TLS chose to use SWIFT Table-Tennis balls for superior buoyancy!)

Highlights had to be TLS alongside some of the many wonders of the world. I won’t spoil it- but my favourite is Josh in the river Jamuna in front of the Taj Mahal! Classic shot.

Don’t book a Contiki tour. Check this video out instead.

For those who are ‘concentrationally challenged’, check out the shorter version here. Speaking of tours though, the guys are doing an east coast tour (including Radelaide!) throughout November and December.

And of course, the track itself. Support local artists guys. Super super important!

The Little Stevies – Dink You

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The Little Stevies – Northcote Social Club 26/07/09

The Little Stevies

“Wasting time is fine tonight…” unless you’re enjoying a Little Stevies gig in sunny Northcote on a cold winter’s Sunday arvo. Young and old embraced the Northcote Social Club carpet, soaking up their aussie folk /pop. This gig gave us well constructed harmonies and warmth in their lyrics. We sat lapping up the catchy tunes, beautiful guitar chords and all round positive vibe amongst a massive hand crafted “Dink Me” sign. And what an eclectic mix of instruments! From guitars, vocals and drums to a rain stick, djembe and an accordion- just to mention a few.

The two lead singers in The Little Stevies happen to be sisters. A fellow Meandallmyfriends blogger, Miks reckons that siblings just have that certain something, which friends simply couldn’t create on a stage. If that makes any sense?!… and these two sisters really did just that.

Throughout their gig The Little Stevies divulged their secret tour itinerary to us in intricate detail of their upcoming Europe trip. It was also delightful when Simone joined the group on stage with her Auslan translation of Sunshower.

They surprised us with a cover of the late Michael Jackson’s Black or White. Other highlights were The Tram Song- about a boy who stole a Melbourne Tram. And a song from their video clip Somewhere We’ve Just Been which, believe it or not made it onto the Foxtel Country Music Channel!

They played a few newbies. One of my favourites was a song called There’s a Light, But It Sometimes Goes Out. Or what I like to refer to as their anti-gospel song. It was a real thigh slapping hoe down of a number!

This Band gives you that wanky little feeling of one-ness with the world, and eases your anxieties where your soul can drift away with their songs about love, people and places. All the feel good stuff.

To leave you with, a download of the track Somewhere We’ve Just Been, off their debut album.

The Little Stevies – Somewhere We’ve Just Been

Do yourself a favour.


The Little Stevies – Love Your Band

The Little Stevies - Love Your Band


“…And the planet’s getting hotter. So let’s jump on bikes and cycle round the entire world. With the wind in our hair, we can take off any time anywhere…and I’ll dink you, if you get too tired!”

This band totally rocked my world for a week. They’re kind of funk, with an eclectic soul feel. I think I listened to this whole album back to back for 3 days. They’re a funky melbourne group who sing about life, and people, relationships and all that cheesy shit that sounds awesome when blitzed into an entire record. If you were born in Australia and grew up on trams in Melbourne, music festivals in the bush and trips along the coast- then this is the album for you!

The Tram Song is so far my favourite.

Check them out on myspace, there is a fan club on facebook and they have recently scored residency at the empress hotel on Thursday’s.

You can also check out their video clip for Sunshower just below.

To The Little Stevies- I Love your band!