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Pic courtesy of JL

ok. Just imagine there actually was a day called clipnesday. Would be all sorts of whack right?! Well, sadly, there’s not. So you’ll just have to make do with these two killer vids for two pretty killer tracks.

First up is New York based The Golden Filter. They went pretty crazy in blogland for a while and then went a little quiet. Well now they’ve got their debut album out (check it out here on itunes). It’s called Voluspa, and this clip, i suppose, acts as a bit of a teaser to what the album is like. It’s also just a tiny bit eerie too. The album should be equally as good (but hopefully not as eerie).

Ok. Second up is local guys Operator Please. Their second single is called Back & Forth and it’s off their rather impressive second album Gloves (iTunes linksies). The clip is nice and has these weird umbrella creatures in the middle bit. It’s a really nice song, and as I’ve said before, a biiig step up for the kids.

Third up is the promo vid for the new Kitsune Maison compilation. Kitsune always put together awesome compilations…and their 9th comp, The Cotton Issue (iTunes), looks bloody bloody good. If there was ever a blog heavy CD release, it would probably be the Kitsune Maison comps.

The 10 Best Tracks of 2009

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record I know, but this list was probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to compile, even outside of the blog.

I think the main contributing factor behind this is that the blog isn’t specialised, there’s just too much good stuff out there to choose from. We don’t just post some electro/dance kinda stuff. We don’t just put a focus on indie rock. We post both of those…and about 50 other styles too (50 might be a slight tiny exageration…). As our About page says, “we’ll like just about anything”…and whilst this may seem to be a bit of a hinderence when it comes to compiling best of lists, I think it’s what makes maamf just that little bit different…different to the 50 gazillion other music blogs out there.

Anyway, enough of blowing the maamf trumpet and onto the 10 best tracks of 2009.

There’s a good mix here. Some electro, some indie pop, some singer songwriter stuff, hell…even some hip hop. I’ve even numbered them too…big call and was difficult…so please don’t take too much notice of the order the tracks are in!!

10. Goodnight Owl – Maps & Compasses

09. Van She – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

08. The Temper Trap – Fader

07. The Golden Filter – Solid Gold

06. Hermitude – Your Call (feat. Urthboy & Elana Stone)

05. Tim & Jean – Come Around

04. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

03. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

02. The Middle East – Blood

01. Phoenix – Lisztomania

Comment away people! Be interested to know what you think of my list, and what made yours!!