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Sometimes you sit back, let that inbox number slowly (or actually pretty quickly) increase and just realise how popular you really are. Then you realise that the majority of the stuff is useless promo advertising some club night in London and you think ‘fuck. i’m not popular at all.’

The tides they turn though, what with those little bits of gold that sparsely pepper the inbox. The lead track from WORKSHOP‘s new EPĀ Luxury, right from the get go, made me sit up in the chair. It’s expansive, what with those big drum machine triggers. It’s big in those wide ranging reverby synths. ‘Repeat After Me’ gets you to do just that. It’s not merely the refrain that is, as the name would suggest, repeated and played with. But it’s the feeling afterwards. That strange nostalgic sense of confidence, grandness and everything that makes you sit up in your chair, click back on that soundcloud tab and press the play button again.

The full EP stands up to what ‘Repeat After Me’ suggests. It’s pulsating, dark and moody synth disco music. It sounds incredibly focussed and direct. The opener ‘Purity Exhibition’ for instance builds upon the darkness of ‘Repeat After Me’, takes it more upbeat TRON style. It’s driving, and unrelenting in it’s instrumentation. There doesn’t feel like there’s time to breath in ‘Purity Exhibition’, even though you never really lose your breath.

I definitely recommend you get your little earholes around this EP. As a debut is stands incredibly strong. It’s a project full of style and has a real strong aesthetic, but none of this is lost in the music. Grab it here.



Thigh Master pr photo

I don’t know what it is about Brisbane but it would seem as though nearly all of the good garage pop bands are from there. There are definitely a couple here in Sydney (maybe less in Melbourne), but mate, it seems that Brissie is where it’s at.

Thigh Master‘s latest track ‘Goon Punch’ has this crazy pop sensibility – those vocals lines are simple but catchy, the intro actually introduces the track. It’s all pretty simple stuff but executed by a trio of fucking legends who know their way around song craft. The dudes are also heading out on a mini east coast tour starting tonight in Brissie. Details here.

This new single comes out as a split cassette with fellow localsĀ Martyr Privatesa through new Brisbane label Tenth Court (you know that thing I was saying about Brissie before?)