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New clip from Teeth & Tongue is a little nuts. Creepy, and nuts. Although, if you’re into workouts, then it’s probably your thing.

And I love work outs. And I also love the reference point Groove Armada. And I actually do really like this clip. If you can get past the nakedness and flexing of the two fellas in the background, then it’s great in that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. And that track, it’s bloody stellar. Featuring the additional vocal stylings of Laura Jean, ‘Newborn’ showcases exactly what Jess Cornelius is capable of. And if the already building hype surrounding her second album Tambourine is anything to go by, then she’s capable of a hell of a lot.

Tambourine comes out on March 21st through Dot Dash/Remote Control.


Teeth & Tongue

I’m usually not the biggest fan of female singer/songwriters but Jess Cornelius a.k.a Teeth & Tongue has dragged me right in. Her vocals are great and songs are well written but it’s the raw edge to it all that really gets me. It’s dark and moody woven throughout with her smooth vocals. Equal parts depressing and hopeful, dirty and clean, catchy without being irritating, ‘Monobasic’ is an excellent album. Check out the single Sad Sun below, Come From Nowhere is another one of my faves…

Teeth & Tongue – Sad Sun