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clipnesday #2

ok. Second up in our Clipnesday series. Some really really great new film clips came into the inbox this week. Some local, some US and some UK. Here’s a selection of the best ones.

First up. Teenagersintokyo. These guys have got a hell of a lot of blog love for their track End It Tonight of late, especially the Seekae, We Have Band, and Nightschool remixes. Check out the We Have Band and Nightschool remixes here. The track is taken from their debut album called Sacrifice which is out super soon. The clip is really great too. Super 80’s in the whole black and white. Reminds me of a Go-Betweens clip.

Second up is a Brooklyn band (who doesn’t come from Brooklyn??!!) called Savior Adore and the clip for their track Bodies. Gotta be honest with you and say that I hadn’t actually heard of these guys before this clip came through. It’s a great song too. The track is taken from their soon to be released album In The Wooded Forest and it’s going to feature remixes from French Horn Rebellion and Night Magic. Clip is fun…and cold.

Finally, it’s a local band. Parades have been around for a short while and have garnered up quite a bit of love. They do of course feature musical genius Jonathan Boulet on drums (is there anything the kid can’t do?). The guys are heading out on an east coast tour throughout June and July (check out the deets over at their MySpace) in support of their new album Foreign Tapes. Great clip too. This is the vid for their new single Loserspeak In New Tongue. If you like painting…well then watch this.

best looking band in japan

Teenagersintokyo. Spending their time between Sydney and London, this five piece is seriously hot, as in attractive. Hell, even the dude in the band is good looking. They also make some pretty sweet music.

The guys are just about to release their debut album (finally). It’s called Sacrifice…and you can order it via It’s definitely worth a check out me thinks. To get you in the mood…check out some super cool remixes of the track End It Tonight.  German kids We Have Band and new Gossip side project Nightschool. They’re both killer killer remixes.

Teenagersintokyo – End It Tonight (We Have Band Mix)

End It Tonight (Nightschool Disco Hijack Mix)

remix that #7

It has been ages since i’ve done one of these posts. The last couple of months have seen the blog grow a hell of a lot, and it’s getting a little difficult to stay on top of all the top tunes that are sent to the inbox. If you reckon you got what it takes to help me out, send me an email! You’ll find the email address just to your left. Preferably someone local (Melbourne), but am open to other cities! But keep it in Australia. Anyway, if you’re interested, email me and ill let you know exactly what’s involved.

Back onto the music though. There’s been a few remixes that have come through of late that have been a little on the high rotation. First up…

This came in a while ago. It’s really good too. Put’s the original to good use. Elite Force (or Simon Shackleton to his mates…i imagine) has just done some big festivals shows through Australia and finished most of his sets with his remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs classic Maps. It’s pretty big and driving and [insert another word for this awesome remix here]. Turn it up.

Elite Force – Maps (Elite Force Re-Fix)

K. Next up is a remix of a new track by Sydney kids Teenagersintokyo. The remix is by UK gothpopers The Horrors. I don’t know which is better though…the original or the remix! Teenagersintokyo are releasing the single next month (Feb 15 to be precise). You can check out the original over at their MySpace.

Teenagersintokyo – Peter Pan (The Horrors Remix)

Last on the list is a band I posted about earlier on in the week. Get Stellar are Adelaidian and they’re pretty damn good. Check out my original post for more info on the band but I just couldn’t resist posting the GLOVES remix of their track The Moment. I originally said that the Def Starr remix just tips it at the post…but given that maamf seems to be going a little crazy for GLOVES.

Get Stellar – The Moment (GLOVES Remix)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now