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andre eremin

Full disclosure: if you’re here for primarily slacker/guitar tunes thanks to Miks’ rather solid ear for such, this post may require you click away or seriously brace yourself. As in, brace yourself for dirty techno. As in, the weirder end of dirty techno.

Melbourne’s Andrei Eremin was ktsche up until this track – you may have heard and melted over his beautiful I’lls remix. I did. Any Australian music blog reader would have probably heard his handiwork as mix and mastering engineer too – and he is justifiably in serious demand. I can confirm this as I too jumped in that queue and became a believer myself.

So for his own stuff, one would expect there may be some creative variety and sonic treats packed in there…
Still, I’d say none of us could have expected this ‘Voynich Manoeuvre‘┬áchaos.

Warped sci-fi quotes and sultry deep pulses start in underground Berlin, and then pretty much burrow down to the centre of the earth from the halfway point. The burrowing grind starts from 2.30 – and I don’t mean it’s a little bit gritty. This is a massive, deep, tasty and frankly apocalyptic use of synthesizer technology.

Whether or not this kind of music has been on your radar before, try letting this one envelope you. The movement and the pulse has a way of stopping time, and you will not find better execution anywhere in the world right now. If you have a pretty decent sound system, I would try putting this on large – just make sure you’re sitting down by halfway.



Some really good deep house for your Friday afternoon. I came across Melbourne local North Pollard yesterday whilst trawling through facebook. His pretty chilled approach does wonders I reckon. Not much else to say, apart from the fact that his rework of Air‘s Alone in Kyoto is also really really really good.

Also below is a cut from his latest EP, Tricks, dropped a few months ago. Check it out. And check him out live if you can too!

North Pollard – Just a Little (download from iTunes)




ok, so this is an album I’ve been hanging out for for quite a while. After hinting at what they could offer as early as 2008, the now Sydney based gents Canyons have released their debut, Keep Your Dreams.

This is an album that excites me. It has elements of my fave things about deep techno/house/anyothergenre. New single See Blind Through has clear similarities with Azari & III, and some of the more techno stuff reminds me a bit of new Cutters.

But I think what makes this album great is that it’s not all the one thing. One of the things that put me off the Azari & III record was the fact that whilst they do some stellar stuff, it all sounds very similar. The thing that sets Canyons apart is that not only do they have their cock in a few pies, they also seem to be able to have their way with each quite convincingly (there’s an image you wanted i’m sure…).

As I said in an earlier post about the guys, they not only have the knack for writing killer tech/disco numbers, they also have the knack for writing some killer pop songs. My Rescue is a clear example of that. The slow builds and the hopeful lyrics, not to mention the fact that it’s guitar based set it apart from the others in a way. It sort of acts as a nice peak early on.

Other standouts for me would be the rather chill Sun and Moon, the dark builder Blue Snakes, and the blissed out closer Land In Between.

You can stream the full thing over on the Modular soundcoud account. You can buy the thing here (Aus iTunes store).

Canyons – Blue Snakes

Canyons – See Blind Through (DJ Harvey Remix)


Fanatical burning

I’m partial to a bit of techno. If it’s good, goes for a while, has subtle little changes and nothing too busy. Makes you wanna lose it, but not in some crazy aggressive kinda way. But in a calm way. This is music for calmly dancing in your room too, or having a calm dance down at the nightspots or wherever the kids are heading nowadays.

The latest Burn Paris Burn mixtape does this for me. It’s done by Jaimie Fanatic who’s a pretty sweet techno producer in his own right! Check out the mix below. Also check out some of the other Burn Paris Burn mixtapes on their soundcloud page.


1. Simian Mobilde Disco – 1000 Year Egg Drumapella
2. The Mole – Nervous Disid
3. Patrick Chardronenet – Boggler
4. Gonzales – I Am Europe (Djedjotronic remix)
5. Djedjotronic – Computer Jerk
6. Djedjotronic – Pepper
7. Beataucue – Bus
8. Squarepusher – Cryptic Motion (Mr. Oizo remix)
9. Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Auge – Rubber
10. Light Year – Sex Education
11. Beataucue – Wolves
12. T.A.I. – Beat Down
13. Herve – Machines Can do the Work (Ado Done Most the Work remix)