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happy freakin modmas

All i seem to go on about is how good Modular Records are. Well…they are ok? And they’re throwing a Christmas party too. And you guys are invited…(well, only if you’re in Melbourne or Sydney that is).

Anywho, the line up for these gigs is looking pretty alright. Kinda wish I was heading to the Sydney party instead of Melbourne…but you know…can’t win ’em all. You Sydney people and Melbournites should definitely head down. Ticket’s are selling out pretty quick smart though…so geta to ita!

Anyway, the line up for both gigs are just down below. I’m just excited to finally see Muscles play after the whole shemozle that was him and Nevereverland last year.

Sydney: Sat Dec 12 @ The Beach Road Hotel Bondi

Tame Impala (Live)
Jonathan Boulet (Live)
The Swiss (Live)
Ladyhawke (DJ Set)
Bang Gang
Tim Cutters
Anna Lunoe
Modular Djs

Melbourne: Sat Dec 19 @ The Espy St Kilda

Tame Impala (Live)

Jonathon Boulet (Live)
Muscles (Live)
Bang Gang
Andee Frost
Tony Pepperoni
Nick Foley
Modular DJs

Head over to the Mod Shop for any last minute tix. GET IN QUICK!!!

To leave you with, the dude I’m getting pretty pumped to see. Muscles.

Muscles – Sweaty

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.