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BEST OF 2013 – ALBUMS [20-11]


ok. So really, these aren’t in any particular order. But, they are all pretty bloody excellent. As with last year, I’ve done a mix of one track from each album.

I’ll go into it in a bit more detail when I put up my top 10, but this year has been pretty different. It’s been a year when the blog has gone all over the shop, stopped for a couple of weeks, and has been a continuous source of (good) distraction.

So, these albums are those distractions. Sure, there are 10 other albums that perhaps were more distracting, but these one’s did a pretty bloody good job all the same.

No particular order for these ones, but I have included a stream for each (I is generous like that).

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Stolen Violin 300 DPI

So this is pretty exciting. Stolen Violin is the work of Jordan Ireland (ex The Middle East). Mark Myers, another member of the now defunct band has released a fair bit of solo work under the The Starry Field moniker as well as a great deal of production work. The Starry Field has a more together, more tightly structured, country infused sound which I feel took an element of what The Middle East did best and simply polished it up a bit.

Stolen Violin on the other hand keep that sprawling, slightly chaotic sound of The Middle East and run with it. Strangely, for me, there’s almost more sense of melody in the Stolen Violin work as my ears tend to gravitate towards and latch on to the beauty amongst the bed of chaos. And whilst none of this stuff ultimately should be a question of comparison and which is better, I think it’s interesting to at least note how the various sounds of such a loved band like The Middle East have been utilised in the offshoot projects that have followed.

After giving Jordan’s full length debut a quick listen today (it came out this morning – iTunes link anyone?), it feels as though it’s going to be a slow burner, one that will slowly start to manoeuvre it’s way into the current music consciousness.

You can stream three of the tracks below.