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Sydney gent Lance Gurisik is doing some pretty incredible stuff. It’s taken me a while, but I think he’s turned me a fan. You may know Lance better as Lancelot – he’s done a few pretty decent remixes over the past year or so, the most recent of which we got below!

The dude is set to launch his debut EP, ‘We Can Dance’ pretty soon. ahh…pretty apt name me thinks. Lead track, Spoken Word is piano led slow funk that makes you wanna be a little bit of a sleazebag…especially when that porno guitar hits!

It’s also really really good. Nice intro with the vocal samples and the slow groove that builds. Then it sets the scene with that solo piano groove…and then wham bam thank you mam, it all drops and is FUNK. The EP is out on Beatport on Feb 20 through Binary. Not a Beatport user? It’s getting a worldwide release on Mar 5. The EP will be a 7 tracker including remixes by Goldroom, Fabian, Moonchild, and Frames.

Lancelot –┬áSpoken Word by LANCELOT

And then there’s that remix I spoke about just before. Matt Corby’s Brother was a massive track of last year…and Lancelot’s remix makes it even more dark and brooding – I’m liking the way Lancelot has used Corby’s vocals too. It’s not just a carbon copy of the track with a house groove behind it.

Matt Corby – Brother (Lancelot Remix) by LANCELOT