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Little Deed

I have this playlist, and you know it is currently my favourite one.

I wouldn’t normally pick a favourite child like that, but it’s just so much more lovable than the others. For decompressing, disappearing with or even just being acceptable at dinner (at least in comparison to the grinding noises and disjointed art projects of my other playlists).

See I jammed it full of one of the more timeless sounds going right now – this minimal, spaced songtronica. A cold minimal beat, warm human voice, off time piano, VERBBBB. We’re talking SOHN, Erik Hassle – beautiful list.

But I am still wracked, WRACKED with guilt because it is currently unaustralian. You see, YOU’RE allowed to listen to whatever you want but this is an Australian music blog and WE have our responsibilities. It’s not all champagne and private jets writing for revenue-free blogs – sometimes we also need to bloody look after the koalas and have sunset beers on the beach and flaming listen Australian. There is good stuff close to the sound, but nothing native yet that has been at home in that list.

So imagine my delight when this one bubbled up from Sydney’s Little Deed. Low plays on the first track, so we shoppers are in on the first floor this time.

Neon‘ is totally in that same wonderful space. It slips from anthemic to claustrophobic, epic to personal. There’s a vintage influence too, I can’t feel if it’s a kind of blues or soul hint maybe.

This seems to be some kind of radio edit (my sleuthing has gone as far as the song title – you’re welcome), but I’d definitely eat 6 mins of this, so maybe she has a plan for an EP with a longer cut.

Thanks Little Deed, whoever you are, you’re about to break into my current fav playlist.




Mate, this guy, Liam McGorry from all those bands, has done a bit of pop perfection with his DORSAL FINS project. The new track ‘Monday Tuesday’ just feels smooth, everything is in it’s right place, nothing goes longer than it needs, and those vocals, damn.

The vocals aren’t Liam’s though (yeah, I was as shocked as you – we’re not all Andy Bull I suppose). They’re Ella Thompson‘s, who you might know from singing with The Bamboos and AXOLOTL. And although that production rollicks along, and you’d be dead inside if you stayed still after pressing play, the vocals carry it – they elevate the track into something that resembles a real, drop-dead amazing bit of crafted pop music.

If you’re down in Melbourne also, then make sure you check them out – they’re playing two shows at The Workers Club (Wed 23rd and Wed 30th July). More details here.




Oh man. Sometimes all you need is some smooth nu-soul production stuff to just wash over you and take you in in it’s 90s throwbacks, beaut falsetto, and just that groove.


5ths is the new collaborative project from Pip Norman, who also goes by the Count Bounce moniker. ‘Sell It To Me’ features Jarryd Klapper, a fella from Bissie. It’s the first taste of what 5ths will be doing, and I like it heaps.




Woah. So it seems as though the world wide web has been going bananas for the new vid and track from Melbourne’s Yeo. This guy is a bit of a music making machine, dabbling his hand in quite a few different styles. And, he actually kinda nails every one.

This new jam ‘Girl’ is in that soulful electronic vibe, and yeah, that style has definitely been done to death, especially in Australia. But when you can rock such a smooth, laid back, sleazy-but-also-really-sophisticated vibe, then it doesn’t matter what fucking style it is.

This is an incredible track. Actually, really really incredible.

And that car trip hair in the breeze film clip – one of the best I’ve seen in a darn long time.




Well this is freakin’ refreshing. For so long now, there has been this nu-skool r’n’b vibe coming out of Australia. When it hit (think Collarbones, Oscar + Martin etc), it was amazing. Here was this sound that was familiar, but was now coming across in this really soulful delicate way. But with the advent of that glitchtronica sound that began to occupy the electronic music scene, the whole delicate r’n’b sound got a little lost.

So it’s awesome that Oscar Key Sung, once a man putting out some excellent glitchy soul music has subtly changed his approach. The new track ‘All I Could Do’ still manages to pack a punch with Oscar’s excellent vocal tones, but gone are those delicate hip-hop inspired grooves. Instead, in their place is this left-field club sound, still with an element of delicate sounds and instrumentation, but all sitting on top of this pulsating kick, that sounds so much more commanding and blazingly confident.

This is excellent.




This is one of the tracks that have seriously made my May. And I know I’m a little late to the party, but hey, I’ve had a month off ok?

It’d be hard not to notice these guys. With easily one of the catchiest tracks of the year, The Preatures are bringing that funky singalong soul right back and hitting you smack bang in the face with it. New single ‘Is This How You Feel?’ seriously kicks you for 6, with it’s dual vocals and that drum and guitar groove that is enough to make anyone move no matter what the fuck they’re doing.

You can grab the single from iTunes and keep an eye out for a new EP due out soon too.

The clip is also pretty darn classic. Just the band looking all sexy with some great lights and words etc.




Jess Higgs is George Maple. And whilst there’s a chance you might know her by the new name (she featured on Flume‘s track ‘Bring You Down’), you would definitely be familiar with Jess’s voice – she featured on Flight Facilities awesome track of 2011, ‘Foreign Language’.

As a solo George Maple, the sound is still electronic, but does that whole Jamie Lidell soul vibe. It makes for a freaking catchy, warm, and funky sound.

‘Fixed’ is getting a release on April 15 through her own label, Tuluum Records. The single will come with remixes from Moonbase Commander and Maribou State.



So every once and a while you sleep on a track and then come across a remix that forces you to go back and re-listen to the original. The artist in question is Melbourne singer Maxi and the remixer is new kid on the Sydney block Adam Sandlah.

The track is Maxi’s latest single, ‘From The Start’.

The original has this real funky vibe to it – from those condensed drum sounds to the keyboard groove. And then, of course, Maxi’s super hot vocals on top.

The remix adds this cool, disco house feel to it. Put against this straight up groove, it keeps the verses simple – bass, beat, and vox. Added in the chorus is that hella good horn line and a funkier groove.

I’d keep an eye out on Sandlah. Could be ontoagoodthing.



I’ve written about Sugarcraft before. I really dug the work that they did – they started putting out stuff in early 2011…but it’s been a little while since drinks.

That all changed this morning though when the duo put up their debut EP up on their bandcamp as a free download.

It still has that real funk feel with Beth’s super sexy vocals.

Perhaps my fave cuts from the release are Holiday and the reworked version of Feeling featuring Ray Mann. But, really, the whole release is pretty great.



Melbourne boy Chet Faker has a new single out. After hitting the blogosphere rather large with his cover of No Diggity, there’s been a fair bit of love for the bloke.

For me, it’s that beaty soul sound he got goin on. This new one, Terms and Conditions, as opposed to others, is more focussed on the vocals, which I really dig. It sounds a little more down-tempo r’n’b. And not only does it work, it shows that he can do more than one thing.

Chet Faker – Terms and Conditions

And for some reason, during the second line of the chorus I wanna sing: And there ain’t no holla back girl. Yeah there ain’t no holla back girl. But anyway.

Chet also has a new EP Thinking In Textures, due out late March. Although the presser is calling it an EP, i’m more inclined to call this one a mini album – it’s a seven tracker and features some already well known tracks of his. Keep an eye/ear out – this will be sure to establish this bloke.



The new EP from The Harpoons dropped last week and although we’re pretty familiar with the second lead track Keep You Around, it is freakin’ nice to hear the first one, Walk Away. Cheers to the rather excellent Auditor Records for the tip off on this!

Walk Away takes it up a notch, with even more funk and a seriously catchy chorus. This is amazeballs times about a gazillion. LOVE IT!

The EP at the moment is only available at Polyester Records in Melbourne, but it looks as though they’re gonna try make it available for download on their bandcamp and iTunes.




Outta Melbournetown, Yeo is one diverse dude. New track, Selma Blair is a banjo infused folk sing-a-long. But then going through his earlier stuff there’s a massive Pharrell Williams influence in tracks like Two Sides Of A Door. So, we got both.

Anyway, the newy Selma Blair is taken from Yeo’s third album entitled Home, coming out next week (Jan 12), all for free on his bandcamp page.

Also, make sure you chcek him out as he tours the new album – he’s doing Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. More deets here.

Yeo – Selma Blair


Yeo – Two Sides Of A Door



Ok, so to me there’s something kinda nostalgic about the sound Saskwatch put out. That old school funk soul vibe – reminds me of a time when I was once them…well attempting to be. I studied music quite a few years ago (failed drummer) and it’s this kind of stuff that everybody would vibe off. Killer sound, so warm…and yet there’s an element of dirtiness about it.

Anyway, enough of me. Saskwatch are a 9 piece crew from Melbourne town. If you’re a local, you might have caught them at Cherry – they’ve had a 2 year long residency there.

The guys are set to launch their new double A side  7″ single Don’t Wanna Try/Pushin’ Me Away next week. They’re both stellar tracks, but also showcase the different sound these guys get out there. Don’t Wanna Try is a more soul inspired slow jam that seriously kills it – those horn riffs that come in at the intro/chorus and during the bridge nail me. Second track Pushin’ Me Away is a far more funked vibe – almost James Brown style in that intro guitar. And the way that bass line walks up when it changes key – love it. And once again, the horns in the chorus give it such a funky kick. MAN!

The guys are launching the new stuff with two shows at the Workers Club next week (Thurs Nov 24th and Fri Nov 25th). More deets here. Also keep an eye out for their debut album, due out early next year.

Saskwatch – Don’t Wanna Try

Saskwatch – Pushin’ Me Away



Man. Seriously. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. It seems to be feel good central here at maamf…and yeah, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that!

The Harpoons are a Melbourne crew with some serious old school soul. Think some seriously funky bassline, an amazingly rich lead vocal and some killer harmonies to boot.

The guys are on Two Bright Lakes, home to locals Otouto, Collarbones, Batrider and Oscar + Martin amongst a whole heap of others. Martin from Oscar + Martin plays drums with the guys.

Anyway, check out their new single Keep You Around. If you like, then make sure you check them out as they play a couple of shows throughout November – dates after the jump.

The Harpoons – Keep You Around






Guerre. This is a name I’ve heard a bit, namely from the excellent To & Fro as well as the equally excellent Sound Lab. It was only until I checked out the very good rose quartz blog that it all clicked.

Guerre do some almost soul style beaty atmospheric kinda stuff. Big track that people might know is Millennium Blues which we got streaming below. You should also make sure you check out the EP though, Darker My Love – grab it over on the Yes Please Records bandcamp.

This is some rather excellent stuff for a night in. or a Sunday morning. It be a win win for me.

We got Millennium Blues and Transnautica from the Darker My Love EP down below as streams. YES!

Guerre – Transnautica


Guerre – Millenium Blues


Good name for a band aye?

Sugarcraft are Beth from The Little Stevies and one of the Bens from The Megahorns, two local Melbourne bands.

They produce this really nice soul hip-hop kinda stuff with some freakin nice, super warm grooves.

Not sure what’s happening with these guys, and it was purely by chance I stumbled upon their Facebook page, but it’s good to see a bit of a love-in between two local acts. We’ve spoken about The Little Stevies before, and they’re all sorts of good with their indie folk. On the other hand though however, I think the only time I’ve seen The Megahorns play was when they were just starting out a fair few years ago and they use to play/busk on the streets of Melbourne.

Anyway, you can check out their track Feeling featuring another Melbourne dude Ray Mann. Also, if you like, jump along to their Unearthed profile and grab some more of their stuff.

Sugarcraft – Feeling (Ft Ray Mann)

Andy Bull – We’re Too Young

Andy Bull

ok. So this album came out at the beginning of this month. Is actually really good. I was a little unsure about it at first – his first single Small Town Girl was pretty pop, and it got made a pretty big commercial radio hit. But the album has a really good vibe to it. Sure it’s pop, and some people may have a little trouble getting used to the man’s voice, but yeah.

It’s all pretty much piano driven tracks on this album. Mr Bull started playing the keys pretty early on – apparently his dad collected them as Andy was growing up. This shows. The dude has some good chops (muso talk for skills)!

In terms of standout tracks, the opener and title track, is a definite winner. Most of the tracks on this album seem to be about the lllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss. yeah…umm…that says ladies just in case you couldn’t read it. We’re Too Young speaks of what could’ve been etc etc.

Other major tracks would be the early single, Small Town Girl, the funk of Young Man, the awesome vocal workings of She’s A Ghost, the slowly building Girls! (yeah, there is an exclamation mark there. Must’ve got excited when thinking about the girls??!!), and the final track, the ballad The Sum Of All My Dreams.

So yeah, that’s it. Andy Bull is definitely a dude to keep your eye on. His local too, which is always a bonus…well he’s from Sydney…but we won’t hold that against him.

People call him ‘soul-pop’…and i’d tend to agree. He doesn’t lose any of his musicalness (new word. Oxford Dictionary will pay me later, I’m sure) either with the commercialness of his tracks. He’s cool. The album is cool. I’m cool. You might be too!

To leave you with, the standout for me. Also, a pretty decent cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel.

Andy Bull – We’re Too Young

Andy Bull – Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)

(MySpace, iTunes)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

The Little Stevies – Love Your Band

The Little Stevies - Love Your Band


“…And the planet’s getting hotter. So let’s jump on bikes and cycle round the entire world. With the wind in our hair, we can take off any time anywhere…and I’ll dink you, if you get too tired!”

This band totally rocked my world for a week. They’re kind of funk, with an eclectic soul feel. I think I listened to this whole album back to back for 3 days. They’re a funky melbourne group who sing about life, and people, relationships and all that cheesy shit that sounds awesome when blitzed into an entire record. If you were born in Australia and grew up on trams in Melbourne, music festivals in the bush and trips along the coast- then this is the album for you!

The Tram Song is so far my favourite.

Check them out on myspace, there is a fan club on facebook and they have recently scored residency at the empress hotel on Thursday’s.

You can also check out their video clip for Sunshower just below.

To The Little Stevies- I Love your band!