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So this little EP actually came out in it’s re-vamped glory a couple of months ago, but due to the inability of this blog to work to an average blog clock (1year = 7years/1minute = 7minutes. 1day = 1day you’ll never get back. nah just joking. maybe just the last one), i’m writing about it now. And at the risk of wankerisms, this stuff is kinda timeless. This shit ain’t locked to no time-space thing blog time thing. man.

Skinny Legions is the project of Glenn Hopper, and yep, that’s Hopper, not Richards. Coz really, Augie March is the real obvious reference point for me with this. There’s the obvious similarity in the two ‘n’s in Glenn (fucking conspiracy this is), and then, of course, the voice. And although there’s differences in the structure and nature of the songs, there’s still this sense of ‘fun’ that permeates right throughout this release. It might not come through on first listen, but let it sit with you – it’ll come.

You can grab the Birdsong EP just over here, and we got our two fave cuts below.




I love it when a song can elevate you from what you expect it to be, but only slightly, subtly.

This new track from Laura Jean‘s new self-titled album manages to do that. It is soft, and heart-wrenching, and story-telling to a tee.

There’s something about when the drums kick in though that adds this very slight stilted nature to it all. I think it might be the early snare hit in the groove coupled with Laura’s syncopated vocals, but it’s something that, if you’re properly listening to it, makes your ears prick a bit. It adds this extra layer to Laura’s ‘First Love Song’, something that in and of itself is different to her previous work – whilst you could argue that some of her earlier songs have been about love (2011’s ‘Missing You‘ being a case in point), ‘First Love Song’ is direct.

The story-telling nature, and incredibly personalised, emotional lyrics, detail a sense of doubt that perhaps we all have in these situations  –

‘You’d just made a film in which you’d asked your best friend
to hit you in the face, again and again.
You were very concussed and felt drunk for days.
Were you open to me because your brain had somehow changed?’

The doubt, the heart-on-sleeve story-telling, the minimal, almost lullaby-esque instrumentation bring out an incredible honesty in Laura. And whilst it is a love song – it is ultimately about meeting someone new, there is this strange comfortableness in this notion of being heart-broken and then the sense of despair that seems to accompany the subsequent relationship.

Laura has worked with John Parish on this album over in the UK. The album also features the vocals of Jenny Hval right throughout, a rather prominent Norwegian singer-songwriter who actually had a bit of success here in Australia about 10 years ago. Those ‘ah, ah ah ah, ah’ bits in ‘First Love Song’ are Jenny’s.

The album is out on August 22 through maamf faves Chapter Music.




Jack R Reilly, what the hell have you done? You go and write two really beaut singer songwriter style songs, showing you can both play guitar and piano and sing.

But then you come and do this. You go and put together a track that not only throws that ‘you and an instrument’ vibe outta the water, but you include a groove, a beat, and a kinda rap.

And you fucking make it work. I think that’s the worst part.

Actually, worst is a pretty strong word. Maybe ‘best’ is better.

This new jam, ‘Swanson’ is this introspective trip-hop inspired dawdle, that is so much more than a dawdle. It’s a dawdle that still manages to take shape, to actually resemble a song. And a good one at that.

Actually, maybe ‘excellent’ is better.



image (1)

Goddamit Jack R Reilly. Two songs in, and you’re nailing it with some real heart-on-the-sleeve singer songwriter pop music.

Jack‘s first song, ‘It’s Too Late I’m Awake Already’ opened up the August mixtape, and has since gone on to be a pretty played track, both in my iTunes library and on the airwaves.

The new one ‘Cold Reminders’ sees the ivory replaced by the acoustic. It’s a lot more sing-along and a little less somber sounding than ‘It’s Too Late…’. There’s a warmth to this one, and although it’s still ultimately about jealousy and pain, those real heart-aching ideas are answered with the refrain ‘And the pain is really great for making art‘, almost making everything a little bit worthwhile.

Head along to Jack’s bandcamp and grab yourself a copy of the track. It’s taken off his debut album Middle Everything which’ll hopefully get a release soon.




An acoustic guitar and a voice. Pretty simple. And a heap of people fuck it up royally.

Ripley Callahan doesn’t though. And for a young dude (the fella’s only 17), he’s creating some really easy, honest straight up singer songwriter stuff. There’s this level of restraint it what Ripley does – he uses space really well (especially in some of the melody lines he sings).

You can check out his most recent track ‘Smile’ just below…I’ve also included the first track he uploaded to his soundcloud, ‘Bloom’. It’s over a year old, but I reckon it’s one of the best of the 8 he has up on his soundcloud. I definitely recommend you check out all the other stuff though.



Fresh from teasing us with some new sounds a month and a bit ago, Matt Walters is back, this time with the title track of his new EP due out October 15th.

The new track, ‘Vacant Heart’ showcases Matt’s heart-on-the-sleeve, let-me-paint-you-a-picture, style songwriting really fucking well – the man can write. Something else that really comes through in the track is also the use of space – there’s this sparseness that helps create shape in the track.

Matt’s gone all independent woman and is releasing the new EP through his own label via Bandcamp.





Matt Walters just posted up a new song to his soundcloud, and, as ever, it’s pretty lovely. It’s a bit more of a mellow sound that the stuff off his first album, but man, it still takes a hold.

The track was recorded in New York last year after Matt spent some time in the states recording his new EP.

Looking forward to the new stuff!