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BEST OF 2013 – ALBUMS [20-11]


ok. So really, these aren’t in any particular order. But, they are all pretty bloody excellent. As with last year, I’ve done a mix of one track from each album.

I’ll go into it in a bit more detail when I put up my top 10, but this year has been pretty different. It’s been a year when the blog has gone all over the shop, stopped for a couple of weeks, and has been a continuous source of (good) distraction.

So, these albums are those distractions. Sure, there are 10 other albums that perhaps were more distracting, but these one’s did a pretty bloody good job all the same.

No particular order for these ones, but I have included a stream for each (I is generous like that).

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Well I think this new track from Shining Bird has helped to cement themselves as a band with one of the most anticipated album releases of 2013.

‘Stare Into The Sun’ is, simply put, a masterful bit of song writing. Sure, there’s not a lot to it, but that kinda doesn’t matter. It’s providing a soundtrack to the summer I’ve had plenty of times in my head. It’s layering and builds gives you this sense that everything will be ok (not that it isn’t…just to clarify).

Fuck this album will be great.

You can pre-order the album here and here.



Shining Bird-3

I was lucky enough to catch the latter part of Shining Bird‘s set at At First Sight fest last weekend. I’d been pretty impressed with the few tracks I’ve heard via the blogosphere as well as via FBi. But mate, seeing them live was pretty excellent.

They have a big big sound. And I know a heap of people have been talking about how ‘Australian’ they sound, but they kinda do. And not in a Boomgates, Dick Diver kinda way. Moreso a mix between Twerps and say, Australian Crawl or even parts of INXS.

The guys have recently released a clip for their big single ‘Distant Dreaming’. And yeah, they don’t let that ‘Australian’ tag let go with the clip. Pretty great though with the backdrop. Reminds me of the Yothu Yindi clip you could make by yourself at ScienceWorks in the early 90s.

The guys have also announced that their debut album is in the works and is in fact due pretty soon (September 6th). It’s gonna be called Leisure Coast and will be released through Spunk.



shining bird

This newy from Shining Bird is pretty outtathisworld. It’s this euphoric long lasting trip that seems to sit above any normal sense of time and space.

‘Distant Dreaming’ is taken from the bands debut album, due for release Autumn of this year. It’s freakin great to hear some excellent music coming out of more regional parts of Australia too – these gents are from Austinmer, which is on the New South Wales South Coast.

You can stream the track below, and of course, if you dig, make sure you grab it over on their bandcamp page.