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Ok, so this is simply fucking genius. Such a feel good remix of a freakin feel good track.

City Calm Down have proven themselves a heap over the past couple of months – from getting bigtime radio play to playing some killer gigs. And then Zac Hayse of excellent Melbourne duo 96 Bulls.

The best way to start your post-humpday day.



we featured these guys a while ago. City Calm Down are their name and decent live indie disco stuff is their game.

I’m quite liking this newish sound for the gents – it’s not as dark and gothy. There’s a bit more brightness in there which is always a good thing – shows we can grow and all that wanky sounding stuff.

It’s actually going to be the first single taken from their debut full length. Really looking forward to this.

…Anyway, in the spirit of keeping the content on this here blog short and letting the quality of the tunes do the talking, i be shutting up now.

City Calm Down – Sense of Self