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When you think of Sarah Blasko, you’d usually think delicate melodies, instrumentation, and this very personalised intensity.

You might not think percussion heavy, thumping, industrial. That’s what happens when you get PVT to remix a track though.

The track is ‘I Awake’, the title track from Blasko’s album of last year. I didn’t mind the original (I’ve spoken about my feelings of Blasko before), but this remix, amps it up. It makes what is quite a personalised song (hell, I think Blasko is the only local singer-songwriter that manages to make everything feel extremely personal), into something bigger than the individual. The original’s yearning to do better is amplified, almost as if to suggest that this is now a responsibility for the whole of society.

The remix is going to appear on a new EP from Sarah Blasko, the Fool EP, which’ll be out next Friday (November 15).




So, it seems to be a bit of a thing to not like Sarah Blasko. And I was definitely one of those people. And whilst some of her stuff I find quite bland, this song ‘All Of Me’ taken from her album of last year I Awake is pretty special. Ms Blasko has also just released a clip for the song, easily one of the most intriguing and dare I say affective clips I think I’ve seen this year. It is being billed as slightly NSFW, but, you can maybe get away with it.

If you dig, then make sure you check her out on a massive regional tour. More details here.



Yum. Don’t know why i’m going with a food theme, but hey, i’m just going to run with it and see what happens. This track is amazing though. The Presets have been pretty quiet of late. KIM’s been off releasing discs and touring, and well, i’m not sure what Julian’s been up to. They’ve put their touch (new touch too! more on that later) on Sarah Blasko‘s new single Hold On My Heart which I believe is due out quite soon. Ms Blasko’s doing a Australian tour in October which you can can check out more deets about here. She’s also currently touring the UK supporting The Temper Trap – should be a top notch show.

Anyway, back to this remix. It’s definitely a change for The Presets. Quite discoish actually…none of that hard techy kinda stuff they were doing. But I think, as with anything The Presets do, they do it well. The guys are classically trained musos for fucks sake.

The original is a nice song. The remix just ramps it up a little and has this nice guitar groove underneath the whole thing. The remix is available over at the Triple J New Free Music Page – always some pretty good stuff over there.

Check it out just below and don’t forget to get over to the J website and download it.

Sarah Blasko – Hold On My Heart (The Presets Remix)

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival – Melbourne 30/01/10

ok. Laneway Festival was a festival I’d been looking forward to for quite a while. I hadn’t been before, and after the much publicised ‘outcry’ about last year, it was great to see it moved to the nice open Footscray Community Arts Centre. The lineup itself was impressive. I remember writing a while ago that it was a music bloggers ‘wet dream’ or something along those lines…and I think I was kinda right. There were some bands I wish I saw, but I’m really glad I did see the bands that I did.

Local fellas Oh Mercy were first up, playing on the river stage. They did a nice solid set. Tracks like “Seemed Like A Good Idea” (which was introduced as something about sleeping with cousins…) and Can’t Fight It were big standouts. Nice indie pop for what was a pretty warm afternoon.

Next up, we headed over to the carpark stage to check out Portland, Oregan based Hockey. When I first started writing this blog, these guys were one of the first bands I really discovered. I’ve only just bought their album though…and that was purely due to how bloody impressive they were at Laneway. They got into it massively. Great electro pop. Work was a definite standout, as well as Song Away. They played a pretty short set, but it was sweet. Short and sweet…get it?

After Hockey, we walked up the bridge to the Moreland Street stage to check out another local band, Bridezilla. One of the dudes I went with argues that everything sounds better with ‘Zilla’ at the end of it…and well…i’m not too sure if that fits. Bridezilla are an interesting band – One vocalist/guitarist/keys player, another guitarist, a violinist, a saxophonist, and a drummer. Interesting sound, and they are all mega mega mega talented ladies…and man (the drummer is a dude, the rest are girls). I’m just not sure if it’s my kinda sound. My friend loves them, we both checked them out a few months ago supporting Decoder Ring…and I think they improved from then. Maybe it’ll take me a few listens before I get into them.

Next up, we got some food. There was such a surge for Mumford & Sons that we decided to give them a miss…although we did check out the end of their set…after they blew a speaker! They were ok. Not sure if the festival experience was the best way to see them though. Next up, it was a toss up between Sarah Blasko and The XX. I went for Sarah Blasko. I’m not that much of a fan of The XX…sound a little too depressing for me. I like Sarah Blasko. She’s got a good voice and all that…but her songs kinda sound the same. To me, they just don’t stand out. I’ve heard only good reviews about The XX though, so maybe I got it wrong on that one.

Fifth on the list was one of my favourite bands, Midnight Juggernauts. I was freakin excited when these guys were announced…and only a day before the gig! Echo & The Bunnymen lead singer Ian McCulloch missed his flight…so Juggers were announced as replacement. And fuck they were good. I’d never actually seen them live before, and as Laneway organiser dude Jerome Borazio said, they are one of the best live bands around. Absolute standout for me was a personal fave, 45 and Rising. Went off. Newy This New Technology was also a standout. Although it was too hot to go completely nuts, the whole crowd did a pretty good job of it.

Next up it was more food time…although after waiting in a line going for about 100 metres for about 20 minutes we found out that they had actually run out. But that was really the only negative about the day. After deciding icecream was a good substitute, we headed back up and caught the end of Dirty Three. These guys have been around for ages – big early nineties instrumental folk noise rock kinda band. One of those bands that I’d heard the name of but never really checked out before. We caught the end of a song called Indian Love Song, an epic massive long piece, as well as a really nice mellow track called Everything’s Fucked (real mellow.) . The guys themselves comprise of only violin, guitar, and drums. But they have the sound of about 15 people on stage. Warren Ellis creates such a heavy level of distortion on his violin that it just goes nuts.

Last set of the night we checked out was The Middle East. I personally have a massive softspot for these guys. Their track Blood came in at #2 on my best tracks of 2009 list, and they were just awesome. Great solid set, nice and chilled. Great way to end what was a pretty bloody good day. You can check out some pics from the day over at the maamf facebook page.

There were other bands I wish I did see though. Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dappled Cities, Whitley, Philly Jays, NASA, The Very Best. This is how good the lineup was though, it was impossible to not miss a good band because another good band would be playing at the same time! So, minus the food hickup, it was definitely a great day. They always seem to have a solid lineup every year, so if you’re around late Jan next year, definitely check it out!

I’ll leave you with a few tracks. Some Oh Mercy, some Hockey, some Juggers and some Dirty Three.

Oh Mercy – Seemed Like A Good Idea

Hockey – Work

Midnight Juggernauts – 45 and Rising

Dirty Three – Everything’s Fucked

K. That’ll do the ramble for now