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ok. Ry‘s a bit of a repeat offender on maamf. Whilst we don’t usually post hip hop stuff…sometimes a dude will just nail something so well that you gotta post it.

Still doing the classic mixtape stuff, this new EP (or mini album if you like) is actually based around the soundtrack to the movie Drive which came out last year. This is a dude who is pushing it, seriously doing something that not many others are.

And you know the best thing about this? It fucking works. It kills. All the tracks bring their sound/story, but are all about an inner drive…something that Ry has HEAPS of. You can stream my fave cuts below…but definitely check out the full thing over on Ry’s bandcamp.




The fourth mixtape in a year, Ry dropped The Wonderkid late last year. We’ve spoken a bit about him on maamf, and rightly so. The guy puts out the goods each time,  and The Wonderkid is no exception.

The new tape sounds more accomplished than the first three, and the production seems to take a bit of a different turn, but in a good way.

Anyways,  make sure you head over to Ry’s page and download the full thing.

To tempt you though, two tracks from the tape.

The first is Right Now (Chillin’), which we posted about a little while ago.

Ry – Right Now (Chillin’)

The second track doesn’t actually feature Ry. It’s a guest track featuring an MC from Brisbane called Tenda McFly. Really hoping all of it is original, because it’s darn good. Also features the sweet Willy Wonka sample.

Ry – Pure Imagination (Feat. Tenda McFly)

Ry – Right Now (Chillin’)

A little while ago we posted a track by a fella called Ryan Egan. He’s a Melbourne based MC who has put out three pretty decent mixtapes to date.

Now known simply as Ry, he’s got a new release coming out next week called The Wonderkid, and just below, we got the first single from it. It’s called Right Now (Chillin’) and it’s this smooth number that’ll have you singing that chorus back for ages. I really like this guy’s flow – he seems more comfortable with the Aussie accent on this track too. And then there’s the beat. Produced by, I assume, a local dude called HeapRize, it is smooth as hell.

Anyway, check out the vid just below and stay tuned for the new release next week.

Ry – Right Now (Chillin’)

Also, we got his little version of Devil In A New Dress off that crazy good new Kanye LP, retitled Good Lord (Devil In A New Dress)

Ry x Kanye West – Good Lord (Devil in a New Dress)


ok, so a super quick post about a local kid, Ryan Egan. He’s a pretty talented MC from Melbournetown (lovin my local stuff!).

He’s got three mixtapes out, all released within the past year. To say the dude works hard is an understatement. Awesome flow and his delivery, to me, and i’m definitely no expert on hip hop, seems really honest. Don’t know what it is, but there’s a decent level of honesty and fun that comes through in his mixtapes. Definite recommend.

Check out his blog also, pretty sweet. You can find all his Mixtapes from there.

But first, check out his track Awesome taken from his most recent tape called Tapes, Decks & Paycheques 2.

Ryan Egan – Awesome