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So I dunno what a dog has to do with October. Or this mixtape. There’s not even a song that mentions a dog. But he’s a cute pooch (yeah, that’s right, I said a fluffy toy was cute, and I also called it a ‘he’. Well, actually, his name is Fang and he’s the raddest and, strangely, the quietest dog I think me or my housemates have ever had, but doge’s be kool homie. k? even stuffed ones).

But, anyway, the music? Yeah, well, October has been solid. Some excellent album and EP releases as well as some really excellent one-off singles. Too many (13 to be precise) to list off right now, but man, get this bloody thing inta ya.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)


Japanese Wallpaper – Breathe In (ft. Wafia) (Right Click/Save As)

COVERS – The Automation

Early Woman – Feathers

Motion Picture Actress – Water Lyf

Ry – The Breakdown (Right Click/Save As)

World’s End Press X Client Liaison – Video Life

Panama – Always (Wave Racer Remix)

Seagull – All For One

courtney barnett – anonymous club

Black Cab – Games Of The XXI Olympiad

Keep On Dancin’s – Grey Ghost (Right Click/Save As)

The Ocean Party – Quarter Life Crisis

The Ancients – Night Bus



fave tracks of 2012

Ok, so here it is. my favourite 10 tracks of 2012. I think I’ll let the music do the talking instead of me crapping on about how each track made my year.

All I will say though is the criteria I had for this list

  • It had to be a track I kept on coming back to; and
  • It had to be a track that, even on the 10th listen, was still good.

I should also mention that they’re not numbered. They’re all decent in their own way. Awwwwww.

You can stream all ten below, and if you’re keen, you can download a mix with all ten below. 
DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)



the rest

ok. So these are the albums that nearly made my top 10 albums of 2012. As I’ve spoken about on the facebook page, I’ve decided to make the top 10 just Australian albums. The past year has seen a big shift for maamf, with the focus now purely on local stuff (hint hint to those annoying emails I get in the middle of the night talking about the latest rad band from Brooklyn or somethin).

The one thing that hasn’t changed however is the kind of stuff I post. It is all over the shop, which genuinely is a reflection of my listening habits. Because it is so broad though, it means that I haven’t been able to listen to every single release. There are albums that are topping other people’s lists, and I’m sure they’re great, but there’s just not enough time in the day to actually give everything a listen.

So, of course, this is subjective – it’s my favourite of 2012.

The 10 albums listed below started off in my shortlist of 20, but, for me, were tipped at the post by the other ten. The more favourite 10 will be revealed in the next few days, and in order too. There’s no order at all to the one’s below.

Click on the album title for a full stream on spotify too!

Something new this year has also been the mixtapes. I’ve done a mix with a track from each of the albums which you can download below too.


DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)


Woods – Bend Beyond 

MILK TEDDY_Digicase - 4 Panel standard or open panel_v2  
Milk Teddy – Zingers

sleep decade into spinning lights  
Sleep Decade – Into Spinning Lights

Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

ry_wall street  
Ry – Wall Street

money for rope money for rope  
Money For Rope – Money For Rope

Saskwatch – Leave It All Behind

beach house bloom  
Beach House – Bloom

The Townhouses – Diaspora



So, it’s no secret that Ry is a small bit of a fave for me. I’ve posted about him and his stellar releases quite a few times before.

He just released his first proper original full length (with beats from both C1 and Soul Marauder). Wall Street is the next step up for Ry – there’s moments where he blows you outta the park with his flow – the quick lines in ‘NY Times’ and ‘Watch Me Rise’ stopped me in my tracks. Each track holds it’s own place, with earlier track ‘Won’t Be Long’ sitting really well alongside the aforementioned ‘NY Times’ and lead track ‘Holograms’. Then there’s some awesome features from Allday, as well as a rather ace one from Shadow Kitsuné.

It’d be a party disc if I ever heard one!

I got my faves below. You can download the full thing for free over on Ry‘s site –



ok, so here we go. It’s only about a week or so late, but I’ve been pretty busy lately ( being a big focus). This month has seen so many awesome releases, and like always, a pretty big mix of stuff. The St Vitus Cardinals boys are doing some really sweet things at the mo (I actually had a chat to Ry about it and his solo stuff earlier on in the week). Tyler Touché is also a standout for me – he’s a friggin’ high school kid and he has production skills like that??!! It also makes me pretty hungry, french style.

Then then there’s the awesome sounds of bands like Lurch & Chief, The Smith Street Band and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard (their album is stellar!). As per usual, some tracks are available for individual download, others, you just gonna have to hear in the full tape.


MAAMF – August ’12 MIXTAPE


Worst Friends – Neve’s For None (Faux Pas Remix)

C1 x The Ruebens – Lay It Down feat. Ry

ST VITUS CARDINALS – Allday – If You Don’t Mind (Prod. By C1)

Tyler Touché – Baguette

Harts – All Too Real (Diamond Cut Remix)

Clubfeet – City Of Light (Softwar Remix)

Collarbones – Hypothermia (Feat. Guerre)

Jonti – Nightshift In Blue (Dro Carey Remix)

Bertie Blackman – Mercy Killer

The Smith Street Band – Sunshine & Technology

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Muckraker

Violent Soho – Tinderbox

Lurch & Chief – It’s Easy

Divine Fits – Would That Not Be Nice

Sleep Decade – Bicycle



Well well well…who woulda funk it? A Monthly Mixtape delivered on time? Yeah, it’s the 1st of August and here is July’s Mixtape all up in your grill n shit.

Pretty good mix this time round, if I don’t say so myself – bit of everything. Majority local, new Jordan F EP is amazing. Then there’s also some killer stuff from Amali Ward & QWARMS, The Nectars, Pop Singles, and serial maamf feature man, Ry.

Then of course there’s the internationals – man, that Frank Ocean record is something amazing. And there’s also a killer track from New Yorkers, Romans.

But yeah, you can stream/download the mix below…but if bandwidth ain’t your friend, a few of the tracks are available for free download too!

MAAMF – JULY ’12 MIX (Right click/save as)


Jordan F – Crime in Fourth Sector

Ry – Won’t Be Long (Prod. Soul Marauder)

Sable – Euphoria

Amali Ward – Leave Me Alone (QWARMS RMX)

Van She – Coconuts

Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (feat.  André 3000)

Romans – Mystery Girl

Sticky Fingers – Caress Your Soul

Wildcat General Strike – Is Jonathan Taking You Out Again?

The Nectars – Do You Want Me To Possess You?

Velociraptor – Riot

Bad Dreems – Too Old

Single Twin – confused during the show

Love Migrate – Making This Hard

Pop Singles – Field in Flames

Bored Nothing – Get Out Of Here



38 bars of killer rhyme over a beat by one of the best producers out at the moment. It be a win win.

Ry and C1 collab on Flu Game. Featuring Allday in the clip. Man, things for these boys are going from strength to strength.



Ok, so if you’re all over both Triple J and Triple J Unearthed, then most likely you would have heard a track off Allday and C1‘s EP ‘Skateboard Soiree’. Another local hiphop kid, Ry put me onto this…and it is what everybody suggests, something out of left field that melds a bit of humour with some really killer beats and rhymes.

This deserves to be pretty big. We got three tracks from the EP just below…and if you dig, you can download the whole thing for free from here.

Allday x C1 – The City

Allday x C1 – So Good

Allday x C1 – My World (feat. Luke Gray)



ok. Ry‘s a bit of a repeat offender on maamf. Whilst we don’t usually post hip hop stuff…sometimes a dude will just nail something so well that you gotta post it.

Still doing the classic mixtape stuff, this new EP (or mini album if you like) is actually based around the soundtrack to the movie Drive which came out last year. This is a dude who is pushing it, seriously doing something that not many others are.

And you know the best thing about this? It fucking works. It kills. All the tracks bring their sound/story, but are all about an inner drive…something that Ry has HEAPS of. You can stream my fave cuts below…but definitely check out the full thing over on Ry’s bandcamp.




ok, so the latest joint in Ry‘s LIFE IS GRANDE series is a bit of a killer. Entitled Duffle’s & Jordan’s it’s a hipster hip hop kids wet dream. Ry’s sense of flow and style seems to have evolved somewhat which is always great. The new jam features Peezo Bixby and it’s all done over the naiiice beat that is Mobb Deep’s The Realest.

So yeah, you can stream the track below, download it from Ry’s Bandcamp and, if you dig, check out the other tracks in the Life Is Grande series.

Ry – Duffle’s & Jordan’s (Feat. Peezo Bixby)



The fourth mixtape in a year, Ry dropped The Wonderkid late last year. We’ve spoken a bit about him on maamf, and rightly so. The guy puts out the goods each time,  and The Wonderkid is no exception.

The new tape sounds more accomplished than the first three, and the production seems to take a bit of a different turn, but in a good way.

Anyways,  make sure you head over to Ry’s page and download the full thing.

To tempt you though, two tracks from the tape.

The first is Right Now (Chillin’), which we posted about a little while ago.

Ry – Right Now (Chillin’)

The second track doesn’t actually feature Ry. It’s a guest track featuring an MC from Brisbane called Tenda McFly. Really hoping all of it is original, because it’s darn good. Also features the sweet Willy Wonka sample.

Ry – Pure Imagination (Feat. Tenda McFly)

Ry – Right Now (Chillin’)

A little while ago we posted a track by a fella called Ryan Egan. He’s a Melbourne based MC who has put out three pretty decent mixtapes to date.

Now known simply as Ry, he’s got a new release coming out next week called The Wonderkid, and just below, we got the first single from it. It’s called Right Now (Chillin’) and it’s this smooth number that’ll have you singing that chorus back for ages. I really like this guy’s flow – he seems more comfortable with the Aussie accent on this track too. And then there’s the beat. Produced by, I assume, a local dude called HeapRize, it is smooth as hell.

Anyway, check out the vid just below and stay tuned for the new release next week.

Ry – Right Now (Chillin’)

Also, we got his little version of Devil In A New Dress off that crazy good new Kanye LP, retitled Good Lord (Devil In A New Dress)

Ry x Kanye West – Good Lord (Devil in a New Dress)


ok, so a super quick post about a local kid, Ryan Egan. He’s a pretty talented MC from Melbournetown (lovin my local stuff!).

He’s got three mixtapes out, all released within the past year. To say the dude works hard is an understatement. Awesome flow and his delivery, to me, and i’m definitely no expert on hip hop, seems really honest. Don’t know what it is, but there’s a decent level of honesty and fun that comes through in his mixtapes. Definite recommend.

Check out his blog also, pretty sweet. You can find all his Mixtapes from there.

But first, check out his track Awesome taken from his most recent tape called Tapes, Decks & Paycheques 2.

Ryan Egan – Awesome