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After having a look through recent posts, I realised I haven’t really properly spruiked anything off the new Jonathan Boulet record. The first taste we got, ‘Hold It Down‘ showed a renewed guitar heavy Boulet sound, with less of that percussiveness and more of the shreds. I liked it. It made sense to me – if you follow Boulet’s other work, you’d know that he’s dabbled his lower body in the heavier side of things with Snakeface and Top People.

Gubba, the new album, isn’t as heavy as some of the other projects – there’s a few playful moments throughout the release. It is darker than some of the earlier Boulet albums though. I’m still working my way through it, but it’s holding up pretty well.

Anyway, we got the clip for ‘Hold It Down’ just here. ‘Hold It Down’ follows the travels of some rather bad bikies. It’s a cool clip, bit of fun, gives light to that playfulness i mentioned earlier.

Make sure you check out Jonathan Boulet as he heads on a bit of a tour in support of the new album throughout August. Details here.




So a little while ago Augie March announced that they were back. And although nobody really knew exactly what that meant, it only took a week for something more concrete.

You see, over the past two and a half years the Melbourne based 5 piece have been working on their 5th full length, their first in 6 years. And whilst there’s no news on the name of the album or it’s release date, the band did, today, let us in on the first cut. ‘After The Crack Up’ somehow seems to recall their early sprawling songwriting combining it with the more refined song structure of their later work.

It’s exciting to see one of the country’s best bands and one of the country’s best songwriters back. Looking forward to this album!




Mere Women sound as though they’re from Melbourne. But instead they’re from Sydney. With those big ragged guitar lines, it sounds as though some ferocious vocal should begin. But instead there’s Amy and Katrina’s vocal takes sitting soft and in contrast to that instrumentation.

It’s this contradiction that I find so exciting about Mere Women. The three piece have kicked around for a little while, and have their 2nd album Your Town coming out next month (July 25). The excellent ‘Our Street’ is the first cut. It’s pushy and driving, but with just enough restraint to let the vocals guide the way.

If it sounds like your thing, then make sure you check ’em out on their run of dates.

Fri June 13th – Blackwire Records, Sydney
Fri June 20 – The Imperial, Sydney
Sun August 24th – Reverence Hotel ‘Poison City Weekender Fest’, Melbourne *Sold Out*
Thurs August 28th – Newtown SC, Sydney




Brisbane based two-piece The Furrs have been causing a bit of a stir with their bluesy rock’n’roll of late.

Gabriella and Jimmy make self-directed blues infused swagger that seems to propel itself forward like you wouldn’t believe. The guys have already garnered a bit of love with support slots (they’ve supported Cults recently and are supporting DMA’s next weekend at BlackBear Lodge up in Brisbane). The two-piece become four live – a dude called White Stag on drums and Moonfaced Hendrix on bass fill it out.

We got the new single ‘Little Boy’ taken from the bands’ debut self-titled EP released a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty nuts and has just enough ‘don’t-give-a-fuck’ attitude for your Sunday afternoon.




Magic Dirt were a big ol’ band for me. And the Adalita solo albums also took a big hold.

So, when Adalita personally recommends an act, brings them on tour and plays bass with them, then I’ll probably take some notice.

Dark Fair are a duo originally from Brisbane but now based down in Melbourne. Their new track ‘Poison’ features Adalita on bass and it’s dark – the lyrics and almost melancholic instrumentation add this sludgieness. But it’s not all doom and gloom – the sparse keys brighten the track up just enough, and that relentless pushy groove ensures that it still packs just the right amount of perkiness.

The track is taken from the bands new EP You Shouldn’t Be Mine which is due out at the end of the month.

If you dig these girls, then make sure you check ’em out on their mini run of dates. Dates below.

Sat 24 May – Trainspotters, Brisbane
Sat 31 May – The Old Bar, Melbourne
Sat 21 June – Captain Cook, Sydney




There’s something to be said about the power of repetition. MT WARNING‘s new track ‘Youth Bird’ showcases it in various guises, from that propelling guitar, to the constant chorus/verse structure that is only differentiated by a slight change in instrumentation each time. It never gets tired, and instead manages to somehow embed itself into your head without having any big epic crescendo to make it memorable.

I think ‘Youth Bird’ is memorable for it’s consistency, it’s unrelenting drum and sharp guitar groove, and the almost constant eagerness to not leave things hanging. What sounds like the bridge or middle eight section appears with just 40 seconds to go, adding a slight bit of relief to the constant chorus/verse structure. It’s attempt to take us somewhere else though is met with a call back to the chorus line in the final 15 seconds.

This is intricate and well-thought-out songwriting at it’s best.






Gosh. These guys just don’t know when to say no. With a new album coming out next month, this here is the first official single after that epic 16minute epic ‘Head On/Pill’ teaser we got a couple of months ago.

30 Past 7 is definitely more of a ‘song’ in the traditional sense, with structure and stuff, and the inclusion of the sitar not as a feature, but just part of the rhythm section makes a whole heap of sense. It’s also a heap more washed out than their earlier stuff, but still manages to be catchy as hell.

King Gizz‘s 3rd album (yep, that’s 3 albums) Float Along – Fill Your Longs is due for release September 29.

You should catch the gents play the new album in full too as they do a few dates throughout August. details here.




I wrote about this track a little while ago and whilst I am eagerly awaiting the boys new album, this vid for ‘In The Aisle’ from Brisbane four piece Violent Soho is smile inducing. And no, I’m not some weirdo. A larger gentlemen riding the streets of Brisbane naked whilst handing out flyers to a naked bike ride is pretty beut. So are the people’s reactions.




New single from Adalita has surfaced, and to say it’s good is an understatement. As I’ve mentioned before on this here blog, Magic Dirt were a pretty seminal band for me. They were one of my introductions to the Aussie rock scene, especially of the excellent late 90’s early 2000’s.

Adalita‘s debut solo release was also excellent. It was my 2nd favourite of 2011 in fact. A rather sombre affair, that album was predominately a distorted guitar and Adalita‘s strong vocals on top. The first taste of the second album, ‘All Day Venus’ amps it up a bit. It’s not Magic Dirt heavy, but Adalita is making use of the full band sound this time round. That, and the song itself is catchy as all hell, and it really reminds me of just how good Adalita‘s voice is.

We should be hearing news about the album in a couple of weeks…looking forward to this one!

Also, check Adalita out as she plays a few shows up the east side. Details here.




This is one of the tracks that have seriously made my May. And I know I’m a little late to the party, but hey, I’ve had a month off ok?

It’d be hard not to notice these guys. With easily one of the catchiest tracks of the year, The Preatures are bringing that funky singalong soul right back and hitting you smack bang in the face with it. New single ‘Is This How You Feel?’ seriously kicks you for 6, with it’s dual vocals and that drum and guitar groove that is enough to make anyone move no matter what the fuck they’re doing.

You can grab the single from iTunes and keep an eye out for a new EP due out soon too.

The clip is also pretty darn classic. Just the band looking all sexy with some great lights and words etc.




These guys are seriously an ace band. Producing some of that emotive indie rock that doesn’t make you cringe, Neighbourhood Youth are  four Melbourne dudes nailing it. The guys have a new single out ‘My Friends’, as well as a clip for the track. The clip is bloody nice – really well shot and captures the feel beautifully.

You can stream/purchase the track below as well as the clip.

The boys are also half way through a tour to help launch the single. Deets here.




Brand new vid for Tame Impala‘s excellent ‘Mind Mischief’. Sexy cosmic love!

The animation makes this clip – really pretty expressive, and spot on in terms of furthering the story. ACE!



Adelaide boys Wolf & Cub are back with a freakin great new single, ‘Salao’. Some swaggering sing-a-long 60s vibe rock’n’roll.

The fellas are set to launch their new album next year. Pretty keen! You can grab the single over on iTunes or bandcamp.



So this has been sitting in my iTunes for quite some time. I’ve been recently compiling my fave tracks of October ready for the next mixtape (hopefully should be up by the end of the week), and I forgot how great this track is. So much so, that I thought it should get it’s own little write-up.

Bec and Ben are a duo out of Sydney and they actually hit pretty fucking hard. They do that Kills style straight up rock and roll. There’s a minimalist feel to their stuff which I really dig. And there’s those two vocals.

You can download their track ‘This Is Why I Love You’ below. If you like, can I definitely recommend you head to their bandcamp and stream their EP Butterknives and Razorblades? Bloody fantastic EP title for a bloody fantastic band.

You should also order yourselves a limited edition copy of the EP and thank me when you get some of the coolest EP packaging you’ve ever seen.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)



The new track from the Violent Soho dudes is a small bit killer. It’s called Tinderbox, and still has that trademark grunge feel, especially in the verses. But man, when that chorus kicks in, it goes fucking big. When I first heard it, I was really afraid that it sounded a bit like Birds of Tokyo (a very bad thing). But after a full listen (and about 10 more), I’ve realised that the chorus just lifts the track up and gives you that big massive punch in the face that you perhaps needed.

The single had a digital release yesterday (iTunes) and will be getting a physical 7″ release as a double A-Side later on in the year through those dickheads, I OH YOU (and by dickheads, i mean really fine, amazing gentlemen).



ok. Brissie 12 piece (yeah, that’s right) Velociraptor are launching their new single ‘Riot’ with a mini tour. The new single is coming off their mini LP, The World Warriors which is set for release September 2 through Create/Control.

The track itself is a really good journey into big-fat-don’t-give-a-shit rock’n’roll. But perhaps the greatest thing about this band is their film clips. It’s fun rolled into 2 minutes and 47 seconds. Seriously good.

The Riot Tour

Wed 25 Jul – Beach Road Hotel, Sydney – Free entry

Thu 26 Jul – Great Northern, Newcastle – Tickets from

Fri 27 Jul – Beresford, Sydney – Free entry

Thu 2 Aug – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane – Tickets from

Fri 3 Aug – The Espy, Melbourne – Free entry



Brand spankin’ new Damn Terran track for your Saturday afternoon. Perhaps the best track to lose your absolute shit too. Raucous as fuck. You may well recognise the female voice, as it’s that of Ali E who we’ve written about in the past.

The new track is called Rebels and the guys are getting it out there with a bit of a tour. Dates below.

Damn Terran – Rebels

April 13 – The Zoo, Bris w/ DZ Deathrays, Velociraptor
April 14 – Tyms Guitars, Bris (All Ages In-store)
April 28 – Old Bar, Mel w/ Scul Hazzards, Chicks Who Love Guns, Bodies
May 05 – The Grace Emily, Adel w/ The Aves, Sincerely Grizzly, Horror My Friend
May 18 – FBI Social, Syd w/ Chicks Who Love Guns, Corpus, Sweet Teeth



Pond are a three piece straight outta Perth. You may well have heard the name before, and perhaps the sound. That’s probs coz two thirds of Pond are Nick and Jay from mega superstars Tame Impala.

It’s big fuzzed out riff heavy rock’n’roll. I’m not a massive fan of Tame Impala…but I’m liking Pond. You can grab a free download of their newy Moth Wings through the Modular site (link below). Also make sure you check out the very 90’s early computer animation stylings of Fantastic Explosion of Time.

The dudes have their fourth album (yep, that’s right!) due out March 2 through Modular. Entitled Beard, Wives, Denim, it’s their first major label release. You can grab it from iTunes, grab a copy on vinyl from the Modshop or get a signed copy from JB HiFi.

Pond – Moth Wings




It’s a Tuesday and man, this is making me feel like it’s the end of the week and I’ve just had a big fat massive bender of a weekend.

Bell Weather Department are from Sydney and do some riff heavy blues rock’n’roll. The guys are launching their new single, The Pursuit of Blue next Friday night up at Oxford Art Factory for all those in Sydney. Definitely check out the launch if you can – they’re being supported by The Ruminators and Uday’s Tiger.

You can purchase the single on iTunes and make sure you check out their other stuff over on their Unearthed profile.

Bell Weather Department – The Pursuit of Blue



yikes. Some pretty fun slacker pop to close your Sunday.

Magic Beans from Melbourne band Jonesez is one of those fun fast 2 and a half min tracks that you can lose your shit to. Go freakin nuts in your living room jumping around like a maniac.

The track is taken from their 2nd LP Gruffalo. If you know anything about these guys, you would definitely know the story of lead singer Mark Stewart giving his body to science in order to fund the bands 2nd album. Check out the band’s blog for a bit of a rundown on what the experience entailed.

You can pre-order the LP over on their website and make sure you catch them when they launch it at The Bendigo on November 18 (tickets here).

Jonesez – Magic Beans (download for free over on their facebook page)


taken from facebook

Sometimes it just takes a post on our facebook page for us to discover your music, and kinda fall in love with it.

The Red Lights did that. And YES!

There’s something about the vocals of Dean Valentino that do it. The phrasing, the way he gets some words out, even how his voice sits in the mix. The band is really really great, but I think without the vocals, they would just be another indie band.

You can stream their tracks Radio and Sun Finds Us below and make sure you head along to their Unearthed profile and download them

The Red Lights – Radio

The Red Lights – Sun Finds Us (Demo)


Damn Terran are a Melbourne band bringing some sweet punk rock sounds to our ears. They’re not re-inventing the wheel but what they do, they do very well. The EP, Pet Hate, is a great selection of messy, meandering tunes. They’ve just released a video for Rational Economic Man which I really dislike actually, I think it’s meant to feel like you’re at the gig but really I just feel kind of nauseous. I do love the sounds though. The driving Oh! is great but my favourite is probably the catchy second track Man Of Your Dreams or the final track You Need Me which ends the album on a wild note which makes me really want to see how they do it live.

They’re supporting Children Collide at The Corner on the 13th of August and it’s selling fast apparently so I better get my own ticket now

And speaking of Children Collide I’ve thrown in their video below too because I really, really like it. It’s directed by David Michôd who did Animal Kingdom.


Damn Terran – Man Of Your Dreams (get the album over at

Teeth & Tongue

I’m usually not the biggest fan of female singer/songwriters but Jess Cornelius a.k.a Teeth & Tongue has dragged me right in. Her vocals are great and songs are well written but it’s the raw edge to it all that really gets me. It’s dark and moody woven throughout with her smooth vocals. Equal parts depressing and hopeful, dirty and clean, catchy without being irritating, ‘Monobasic’ is an excellent album. Check out the single Sad Sun below, Come From Nowhere is another one of my faves…

Teeth & Tongue – Sad Sun



Winter Street are a Melbourne band writing some of the best moody indie rock I heard in quite a while. Their song There We Stand is urgent, pretty fierce, energetic as fuck, and just plain kills. Produced by Tom Iansek of Big Scary, the recording process seemed to perhaps make the song what it is.

Iansek said this of recording the track-

“I can’t promise that this will turn out well, but we’ll see”

When you’re forced to man the front door to shut up angry neighbors complaining about the noise and to lie down on the floor to keep the kick drum in place whilst being played, you’d think the recording process would’ve taken it’s toll. But, from shitty, difficult times, often comes great things.

This isn’t a track that I would usually post on maamf, but i’m a sucker for a good story, and an even bigger sucker (sounds bad aye?!) for top notch song writing. You can stream and download the track below.

Winter Street – There We Stand

If you’re a Melbourne local, make sure you check out the gents launching the single at The Grace Darling on Saturday May 28. Supporting the gents are Made In Japan (SYD) and Wilfred Jackal.