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Ok fair cop – we’ve not been writing heaps.

At least for my part it’s NOT busyness, that old gen-y copout. I’m just hating all Aussie music. All of it. Loathing every single morsel of sound from this oversized island continent.

Well, maybe not EVERY morsel. Maybe there are are a FEW tracks queued up for a writeup. Maybe even a few more than a few. Alright, I can disclose that there are a lot. But stop harping on about the damn queue and besides, my busyness is foundational to my identity. You can handle it, you’re nothing if not resilient.

Circumnavigating completely around that queue metaphor is Feki with this ‘Remember‘.
Just because wow.

In truth I damn near posted his Paces Remix last week anyway – my point being it’s ALL strong.
The guy has got ears. Classy, heavy, feelsy ears.

Everything he touches carries a kind of classic freshness, now including this (previously manic) post.

In this critical time, with classic freshness more precious than ever, I for one am glad to have this chill brisvegnite churning it out by the truckload.




Melbourne people may well have heard the name Jimmy Hawk before – he’s done a fair bit of solo work around town and had a band called The Endless Sea for a bit too. Jimmy’s latest project is Young Hysteria and is a collab with his mate Thomas Van Der Vliet. The guys have been kicking around for nearly two years now, and you may well recognise their single of last year ‘One Young Lover’. It was a pulsing r’n’b infused jam that was as equally dreamy as it was intricate and introspective.

Well, we’re lucky enough to be premiering the clip for that track this morning on this here site. It’s a kaleidoscopic night-time journey for the two fellas, complete with booze and babes and all those blurs and colours you end up seeing towards the end of the night. Sounds like my night last night/allmynights ohgosh :/

Rad clip tho!

Keep an eye out for these guys around town this year.




Oh my.

New jam from Oscar Key Sung shows us exactly what he can do and what he’s about. And although I’m currently at uni, sitting at my desk on a day that other people are getting all romantic coz ‘the man’ told them to, and indeed, maybe man told them to too (although that would be a strange/slightly not right relationship), I can’t help but slow jive in my chair as I rhythmically type whilst getting strange/come hither looks from my fellow PhD buddies.

But mate, it seems Oscar can do no wrong. And even better news is that ‘Holograms’ is coming off an EP of the same name due out March 3 through the stellar Two Bright Lakes.

This is sex.




it would seem that we may have a new r’n’b superstar. And it’s probably not who you thought.

Elizabeth Rose was that girl doing some really cool innovative electronic music. She also sang on top of her productions making her early live shows something to behold.

But now, she’s gone the r’n’b route. And it’s incredible. ‘Sensibility’ still showcases Rose’s interesting, slightly bent take on electronic pop music, but instead of more of the same, she pushes this slow jam of sorts with her distinct, powerful vocals.

There were hints of this in her single ‘The Good Life’, one of my faves of last year, but this new one really takes it and runs.

Elizabeth Rose‘s new self-titled EP is released next week. Looking forward to this one!




So this is my jam for a strange Sydney afternoon. Feels like it’s going to rain and it should be cold, but it’s instead still, and feels a little sticky, although according to the BOM it’s meant to be only 54% humidity.

Anyway, this ain’t no weather blog or somethin. This here be an Australian music blog. And Banoffee is killing me right now. The project of Martha Brown (otouto and general Two Bright Lakes fame), it is some nu-skool r’n’b that is minimal, not big, but still manages to make me feel like a little helpless, looking up in awe at the piece of work this is. It might be Martha’s voice, or the restrained nature of the production, or the fact that the clip for the song evolves from a confident musicalness into a strong female physical form.

Whatever it is, it’s working, and I’m now having trouble getting my work done.




So when you combine some of the best beat makers in the country, you get Black Vanilla. And fuck me sideways, it’s bloody good. If that sleazy darkish beattronica style r’n’b is your thing, then, well, get sum black vanilla inta ya. 

The three piece consist of Marcus from Collarbones, Guerre, and DJ Plead aka. Jarred Beeler. The first single, ‘Call Your Husband’ comes from a mixtape the guys are putting out on August 1 called Black On Black On Black. There is also a three date tour on the cards too, with Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney gettin’ a lookin – deets below.

Black Vanilla – Black On Black On Black launch deets.

August 8 Goodgod Small Club, Sydney (w/ Major Napier, King Tears Mortuary, East River, B. Deep)

August 9 Ghost Ships, Adelaide (w/ Guerre, Oisima, Strict Face, Cyst Impaled)

August 10 Gasometer Upstairs, Melbourne (w/ Golden Blonde, Angel Eyes) 




Beat driven producer illstrtd is from Melbourne town and he’s doing some pretty sweet chopped up smooth r’n’b. Australia has such an incredible beats scene already, and this dude, putting forward a more straight r’n’b/ hip hop groove is definitely a name to watch out for.

I got ‘Violet Sunset’ below, a dreamy escape perfect for a pretty excellent Sunday afternoon here in Melbourne. Make sure you check out his soundcloud though for three other tracks, all pretty freakin killer.

illstrtd is working on his first proper release, an EP, hopefully due out in the next coupla months. Big things!



Some awesome new Guerre for your Tuesday night. It’s part of a split ’12 with another Sydney beatsmith Nagakin.

It’s like this future beat sleaze r’n’b that is really fucking good.

Getting a proper release on Sep 1, but in the mean time stream it here or on the The Finer Things Records bandcamp page.



Man. Seriously. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. It seems to be feel good central here at maamf…and yeah, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that!

The Harpoons are a Melbourne crew with some serious old school soul. Think some seriously funky bassline, an amazingly rich lead vocal and some killer harmonies to boot.

The guys are on Two Bright Lakes, home to locals Otouto, Collarbones, Batrider and Oscar + Martin amongst a whole heap of others. Martin from Oscar + Martin plays drums with the guys.

Anyway, check out their new single Keep You Around. If you like, then make sure you check them out as they play a couple of shows throughout November – dates after the jump.

The Harpoons – Keep You Around



Niiice name aye? Fatti Francis (real name Raquel Solier) is ex drummer for quite a  few local Melb bands (The Ancients, Jessica Says and Nathan Hollywood + a few others). She’s now gone out to do her own thing. Being a bit of an ex-drummer myself, I’m always jealous of drummers that go out and do their own solo thing (all the dumb drummer jokes kinda don’t make any sense if you look at people like Mike Noga and now Raquel).

So yeah, I guess the difference with Fatti Francis is that her solo work fits that experiemental r’n’b, real beat heavy stuff. It’s rather nice. It seems Melbourne, and Australia on a whole is beginning to develop a bit of an experimental r’n’b scene (think peeps like Collarbones and Oscar + Martin).

The beats really complement her vocals, a lot more than I thought they would actually. Check out her tracks on her Soundcloud page and make sure you grab a copy of her debut “12 mini album from her Bandcamp.

I’ve got a few of my faves from the mini album below.

Fatti Frances – What Are You Waiting For


Fratti Francis – No More

If you dig though, she’s launching it at The Workers Club in Fitzroy this Saturday (25th June). Make sure you head along.