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Melbourne boy Chet Faker has a new single out. After hitting the blogosphere rather large with his cover of No Diggity, there’s been a fair bit of love for the bloke.

For me, it’s that beaty soul sound he got goin on. This new one, Terms and Conditions, as opposed to others, is more focussed on the vocals, which I really dig. It sounds a little more down-tempo r’n’b. And not only does it work, it shows that he can do more than one thing.

Chet Faker – Terms and Conditions

And for some reason, during the second line of the chorus I wanna sing: And there ain’t no holla back girl. Yeah there ain’t no holla back girl. But anyway.

Chet also has a new EP Thinking In Textures, due out late March. Although the presser is calling it an EP, i’m more inclined to call this one a mini album – it’s a seven tracker and features some already well known tracks of his. Keep an eye/ear out – this will be sure to establish this bloke.