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There’s a strange progression us music listeners go through. From beginning out with a love for all things guttural, punky, and messy, I moved towards an appreciation of a much cleaner, produced sound. Of course we change over time; listening to the same sort of stuff all the time would mean that our existence as music listeners would be pretty dire, and dare i say, after a while, obsolete.

But it’s when you move back towards the sounds and ideas you appreciated when you were younger that you begin to realise that music taste, what whets our whistle, what bars us up, is to some extent some sort of representation of where we’re at. I now go back to the darker sounding, messier stuff with a different sort of understanding, having exposed myself to a whole range of different stuff over the years.

Cobwebbs are a Brissie four piece, signed to Sonic Masala Records. It’s this stuff that I’m finding myself listening much more to. It’s noisy, reverby, and sludgy. There’s an obvious vocal melody line that is so intertwined in the mix of those guitars that it’s easy to forget that there’s a melody line at all. But that doesn’t actually matter. What Cobwebbs achieves is a version of drone filled psych that digs so far underneath the surface that the surface becomes unimportant. This is big, expansive and dredgy psych rock and I’m fucking liking it. The track below as well as the clip above is ‘Easy’, the second single off the band’s second LP WORLD WIDE WEBBS released a coupla months ago.

You can stream the full album over here.




I really don’t know what to say. This country’s best fun based psych band King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard are back. The guys are set to release their fourth album in 2 years. Yah. You don’t need those eyes checked. These guys nuts. But, the quality is always good. As I recently wrote, it’s hard not to include a King Gizz album in a top 10 list.

Their new one, ‘Vegemite’ has thrown me a little, but I gotta admit, it’s been on rotation all afternoon and I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow morning. The thing that people are obviously talking about are those eyes and mouths in that Vegemite. It’s creepy, but also, I’m told, a great exfoliant.





Gosh. These guys just don’t know when to say no. With a new album coming out next month, this here is the first official single after that epic 16minute epic ‘Head On/Pill’ teaser we got a couple of months ago.

30 Past 7 is definitely more of a ‘song’ in the traditional sense, with structure and stuff, and the inclusion of the sitar not as a feature, but just part of the rhythm section makes a whole heap of sense. It’s also a heap more washed out than their earlier stuff, but still manages to be catchy as hell.

King Gizz‘s 3rd album (yep, that’s 3 albums) Float Along – Fill Your Longs is due for release September 29.

You should catch the gents play the new album in full too as they do a few dates throughout August. details here.




I dunno what it is about Australian bands, but there’s some serious incestuousness going on.

Made up of Ela Stiles from Songs, Nisa Venerosa from Fabulous Diamonds and Karl Scullin from Kes Band, Bushwalking apparently started out as a bit of a solo gig for Ela with Nisa and Karl just in the background. But man, kinda glad she pulled Nisa and Karl into the mix proper. As a band they’re tight as and those duelling vocals of Nisa and Ela are pretty phenomenal. You may well know this already if you’ve heard their first album, First Time which was released last year.

The guys are back (already) with their second album set for release September 6th. Entitled No Enter, it sounds even more disjointed, but tighter still. There’s even more going on in the work of Bushwalking this time round, and although that may make it a little harder for the listener to find something to latch onto, once it does pull you in, it’s well worth the wait. Title track and first taste of the release, ‘No Enter’ is a pretty ace example of that.

Hopefully we’ll also see some live shows towards the end of year too!