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Feelings is Berkfinger’s (ex Philly Jays) new project. The first single was released 6 months ago, and with a debut full length due out midway through this year, he has decided to tease us with another taste of what to expect. ‘Intercourse’ is a song about the sexual kind, and making sure all dialogue leads to it. Straight and to the point. I like it.

The track was co-written with Michael Tomlinson of old Brisbane dudes Yves Klein Blue. So good to hear that Tomlinson is back writing some catchy as fuck tunes. You can stream it below, but you’ll have to wait a little bit to get your own copy as it gets an iTunes release next Friday (25th Jan).

You can catch the Feelings as they tour the newy around the country. Dates after the jump.



The Philly Jays were a great band. And now lead man, Berkfinger is back with a new project, Feelings. Killer new track is called ‘One In A Million’ and also features Dan from Art Vs Science (don’t hold that against him) and Dave from Dappled Cities. It’d be this arty pop number that kind of swaggers. Like it a lot!

You can stream the track below and make sure you catch the guys as they tour round the place. Deets below.

Feelings East Coast Tour – September 2012

with special guest Tom Lark (NZ)

Wednesday 19 September – Beach Road Hotel, Bondi
Free entry
Thursday 20 September – Lamda Lamda Lamda @ Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane*
Tickets available on the door: $10 GA / $5 Students. *Tom Lark not appearing

Friday 21 September – Goodgod, Sydney
Tickets available via, 1300 GET TIX & Moshtix outlets

Saturday 22 September – The Workers Club, Melbourne
Tickets available from Corner Box Office (57 Swan St, Richmond) or 03 9486 1677


philly jays save our town clip

This might get you a bit excited for your Friday night. Everyone’s faves, the Philly Jays dropped their new clip for their latest single Save Our Town this afternoon. It’s the first one with their brand spankin new drummer Susie Patten who use to play with I Heart Hiroshima.

The clip is simple and fun. Was directed by Liz Murphy when the guys were still in London town.

The guys are also back here in Australia, and are touring their new single. You can check out the deets over on their website, and you can also grab some tix from the maamf posse store.

If you do catch them live, then you’ll probably hear their killer version of 99 Problems by Jay-Z. We got it as a free download just below.


Philadelphia Grand Jury – 99 Problems (Jay-Z Cover)

saving the philly jays

Not that they needed saving or anything…although, they probably need saving from my stupid tweets. Check out the link for my indirect insult of the Philly Jays boys. Awkward.

So anyway, the new track Save Our Town is great. Bit of a more produced feel to it when you compare it to the tracks off Hope Is For Hopers. It has a great bloody catchy chorus though. Think I may be singing it for a while.

The dudes are also touring in celebration of this new single. Check out the deets on their website, and you can grab tix to the Newcastle and Hobart shows via the maamf posse store.

Philadelphia Grand Jury – Save Our Town

philly jays head to…

…not Philadelphia. But they are leaving (for London to be precise). And who knows for how long? 😦 If you haven’t seen the Philly Jays in action, make sure you check them out for their final Aussie tour. Should be a good good one. It’s all to promote their latest single “I Don’t Want To Party (Party)”…but I suppose that’s only half of it. The guys are considered as one of Australia’s best live acts, and for a band that have only been around for a short while (first single, Going To The Casino was released mid last year), that’s a pretty good status to hold so early on in the game. So go and check the dudes out for the last final time! Check out the dates below.

Anyway, the new single is already a bit of a live favourite, especially those little “ra ra ra ra ra ra” bits at the end, and the big shouty lyrics. The release of the single is going to feature some extra cool exclusives with a remix of album track Wet Winter Holiday done by Mike FWD, a solo track from Berkfinger called Jimmy At The Whorehouse (little side note: Berkfinger’s releasing a full length solo concept album later on this year, and this is the first cut!), and a new track called Both Kinds Of Music produced by the band’s new drummer Calvin, who apparently is this 56 year old American dude who used to be a session drummer for bands like Earth Wind and Fire!

Anyway, I definitely recommend checking out the fellas before they depart. Or, if you’re in the US or UK, you’ll get to see them from late April/early June. Check out the Aussie dates below, or over at their MySpace for the UK and US dates. They’re bound to sell out. The guys should go gangbusters over in the UK me thinks. World domination for the Philly Jays!!!

Philadelphia Grand Jury – I Don’t Want To Party (Party)

Philadelphia Grand Jury – Wet Winter Holiday (Mike FWD Remix)

We Don’t Want To Party (Party) Australian Tour – April 2010
With special guests: The John Steele Singers
02/04 Sussex Inlet RSL, Sussex Inlet* – or 1300 762 545
03/04 Club Sapphire, Merimbula* – or 1300 762 545
04/04 Tathra Hotel, Tathra* – or 1300 762 545
09/04 Karova Lounge, Ballarat – or 1300 762 545
10/04 East Brunswick Club, Melb – or 03 9388 9794
11/04 East Brunswick Club, Melb – or 03 9388 9794
15/04 Oxford Art Factory, Syd –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GETTIX
16/04 Oxford Art Factory, Syd –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GETTIX
17/04 The Zoo, Bris – or 1300 762 545
22/04 Jive Bar, Radelaide –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GETTIX
23/04 Jive Bar, Radelaide –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GETTIX
24/04 Rosemount Hotel, Perth* –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GET TIX or
* The John Steele Singers not appearing

new music first #10

just as long as it's not on the new music...

ok. so some new music…there’s been so much going on lately with festival announcements, awesome remixes, album releases, killer new leaked tracks. There’s also been a lot of personal external factors (by that I mean, outside of the music industry). Uni is nearly finished, got one exam and a 4,500 paper due in the next few weeks as well as the research i’m doing as part of my internship with the Inspire Foundation. It’s all just nuts. Keeping on top of it all is a little difficult, but yeah, in a few weeks, i’ll be free!! Anyway, the reason I rant about stress is because i’m going to keep the blog posts to a minimum for the next few weeks. I’ll still post, trust me…and i’ll probably post more than I should. But yeah, she’ll be right.

Anywho, new music aye?!

K. First up is Tegan and Sara. Year, these guys have been around for a while and I never really took much notice of them. They’ve been playing their new track Hell on Triple J pretty continuously. I like it. Reminds me of Magic Dirt, especially the vocals – reminds me of Adalita (Magic Dirt singer) a hell of a lot. haha…get it? ‘hell’ of a lot??!! funny aren’t i? …yeah…ahh…oh shit.

Tegan and Sara – Hell (iTunes)

Next up is a band out of Belgium called Showstar. They’re pretty good, and they write a killer pop song. They’re third album Think Ringo is set to be released in January…and yeah, don’t know much about these guys. They’ve only got one track up on their myspace…but if Gold Mine is anything to go off, then they’re a band to check out.

Showstar – Gold Mine (radio edit) (iTunes)

Third on the list is a dude with a ridiculously long name. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart is from New York and is bloody good. Dreamish pop that kinda washes over you. Sure, the intro sounds like Smashing Pumpkins, but it’s still great. Could be a fave of the year maybe.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Higher Than The Stars (iTunes)

Megan Washington is from Brisbane and goes by the name Washington. Original right? Well…yeah, kinda I suppose. Her music is definitely original though. Bad segue? Yup! Saw her on Spicks & Specks the other week and man, she blew me away. Freakin killer voice. Reminds me of Sarah Blasko a bit…not really a fan of Ms Blasko, but Washington…hell yeah!

Washington – How to Tame Lions (iTunes)

No relation to Washington, King Washington are a crew out of LA producing some awesome singer-songwriter rock’n’roll. They’re a pretty musical bunch of fellas, and they’re bringing harmony back…yeah…

King Washington – Live On

Last up, Philadelphia Grand Jury are not from Philadelphia…funnily enough. They’re actually from Sydney. You hear the track. I’ll tell you that it’s just two fellas. Well, they’ve obviously got a drummer and others for their live show, but the mainstay is just these two blokes. They’re a massive Triple J band too…so that’s something going right for ’em.

Philadelphia Grand Jury – The Good News (iTunes)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.