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Last time I posted Slumberjack I used so many mixed metaphors you may have been too tired and confused to even play the track. For a little balance I’ll shoot TOTALLY STRAIGHT this time.

These guys will surely be a very big deal very soon. I’d say as big as they want.
I will be glad about this, will attend their shows, will enjoy their shows.

I don’t know any facts you don’t, but their sound is bedding in and it’s pretty wild. Case in point, this ‘Horus‘ thingo.

The end.




The twisty biology of musical trend eh.

5 years back this Slumberjack track would have sounded like it was from another universe, but in 2014 I’m just here casually inspecting it like a jaded doctor in some future sci-fi film – counting eyes to see if we have a new species or not. The sci-future is now in the beats world.

But as I’m examining all 12 tentacles and anterior scales on this particular specimen, you can imagine my surprise to start recognising body parts in some pretty strange spots.
A sugary double tempo build we see daily…. but with dropped Rasta acapella (yes it is Skrillesque)….and sampled piano….connected to a dirty Carmack-style drop? Weird mash.
There are even swoops over the top harking of Electric Mantis.
So obviously this pile of DNA sounds like a Frankenstein mess. On paper.

Well, no, maybe ‘Felon‘ is an mess. Maybe it is too creepily familiar, too unnatural. And maybe “on paper” a biologist isn’t supposed to catalogue beasts made by crazed surgical scientists.

But you have already forgotten that in the beats world we are already well past 2078, and all those ethics are old hat. In 2078 we reward mash and collage above all other art forms – and this Felon track is starting to draw the big crowds at the zoo.

Certainly the pieces are very well-integrated, and built up with exceptional sound sculpting. Are you really going to fight the inevitable future? You’re not.

May I suggest you choose from 3 allowable reactions (as is the 2078 custom):
– Call this the best song in the history of the earth (I’m looking at you, internet teenagers)
– Keep a close eye on where these guys take this excellent execution
– Write extensive complaints to Miks decrying how Adam eventually referenced Skrillex on maamf, undermining all you thought you knew and loved. Keep in mind Miks is a nice guy who already gets too much email, so please do try to keep it snappy.



Sean O'Neill Approved press shot

It’s a short week. It’s also pretty wet and miserable outside. 

There’s something incredibly prolonged and warm about Sean O’Neill‘s track ‘Vienna’. Sean’s a Perth fella currently based over in London. And yeah, sure, you can make all the obvious Bon Iver and Matt Corby style comparisons, but I actually think there’s something a little different about Sean’s stuff.

To me, it sounds incredibly warm – the bed of sound that the keys and guitar sit on gives it this vast but enclosed space, something that’s pretty hard to perfect. Reminds me of the Single Twin album of a couple of years ago actually. His vocals aren’t over the top – they tell a story and complement the instrumentation perfectly.

Bit of a winner I reckon!



howls 2

Ok ok.  This one isn’t exactly plucked from obscurity. 58,000 plays in the first 3 days earns you the ‘not an underdog’ badge by my humble standards. But given the hip Soulection association, those clicks could be from anywhere, so it is plausible many of us here may not know Howls yet.

The collab between Perth’s most prolific and endearing fount of feels-heavy beats (Taku) and his multitalent mate (Kit Pop) has seen 3 tracks in the past month, each showing some vastly different colours.

From the playful samples and endless deep 808 tails of ‘001’, to the bent and cruisy ‘002’, and now the intense future-drama of ‘003’. The last is my current preference, just imagine that being dropped on you through a great system.

(Technical aside – ESTA the Californian Soulection beatmaker did add mouse clicks into 003 to (presumably) notch up the intensity even further, and sticklers may note that California is not in Australia. But Miks said OK anyway this time. So take that, sticklers.)

The variety is refreshing, the elegance is refreshing – and the tracks keep a relaxed and playful weirdness even when it gets heavy. Fittingly 003 appeared in my Soundcloud stream between two Mr Carmack (USA) tracks, and those 3 tracks just sat there nodding at each other in heavy-yet-effortlessly-cool ways.

I think this kind of stuff is an important piece if Australia’s electronic puzzle right now, and a heap of fun.




Outta Perth, Methyl Ethel is the project of Jake Webb. His new EP, Teeth starts off like a horror film. It’s full of strange, eery found sounds, and although there’s no sudden shocks or anything, there is this sense of despair that permeates the opener ‘Camber Baptist’.

There’s also an incredible amount of warmth. ‘Tilted’, below is track two off the EP and is definitely a fave of mine. You may have heard ‘Lagotto Romagnolo’ and ‘H1 N1 A’ kicking around on a couple of blogs too. Within this warmth however lies a feeling of anxiousness and emotional baggage. I think that’s what makes the EP such an interesting and intense listen. It’s the act of release that playing and writing this music has for Jake. He uses warm instrumentation (even the more rockier tracks, the instrumentation washes over you), to explore some pretty cold, hard emotions. 

You can stream and purchase the EP over here. Definitely worth it.



perth_2013 (1)

Oh wow. Sometimes a clip comes your way that just fucking blows you outta the park.

perth are from Perth. They do some pretty nice subtle folktronica. Really kinda introspective, but really encompassing and luscious in the sound.  The clip for one of their latest offerings ‘Quantum Chronological’ is done in MS Paint, but is easily one of the most beautiful clips I’ve seen in a while.




I kind of don’t know what to think of this. I like it, but it’s relentless. I wish it would calm down a bit. The vocals make me want to be calm. But THEN THAT CRAZY BEAT JUST MAKES ME FEEL INCREDIBLY NUTS.

Crooked Colours‘s track ‘Come Down’ is some pretty intense dark introspective electronic music. And whilst it does manage to induce a slight panic attack (I am seriously on the fucking edge today #humpdayblues), the combo of that rather smooth vocal layered on top of this almost overpowering groove works so bloody well.

The guys have an EP due out early next year. They’ll follow that up with a tour shortly after as well.




Brand new vid for Tame Impala‘s excellent ‘Mind Mischief’. Sexy cosmic love!

The animation makes this clip – really pretty expressive, and spot on in terms of furthering the story. ACE!



The Tame Impala boys have had an absolutely stellar year so far. New single, ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’, my fave cut from their second album Lonerism also has a stellar clip. If amazing animation and some super cool illustration styled tripping is your thing, then this clip is for you.

Love it.



Yikes. Some really big throbbing electronica to get you through your hump day night. Outta Perth, Sable is one dude, John Dewhurst.

At the moment there’s only one track of his kicking around on the interwebs…but hopefully we’ll see some more soon, coz this kid is pretty fucking ace.



Pond are a three piece straight outta Perth. You may well have heard the name before, and perhaps the sound. That’s probs coz two thirds of Pond are Nick and Jay from mega superstars Tame Impala.

It’s big fuzzed out riff heavy rock’n’roll. I’m not a massive fan of Tame Impala…but I’m liking Pond. You can grab a free download of their newy Moth Wings through the Modular site (link below). Also make sure you check out the very 90’s early computer animation stylings of Fantastic Explosion of Time.

The dudes have their fourth album (yep, that’s right!) due out March 2 through Modular. Entitled Beard, Wives, Denim, it’s their first major label release. You can grab it from iTunes, grab a copy on vinyl from the Modshop or get a signed copy from JB HiFi.

Pond – Moth Wings




This has been sitting in the inbox for a while…and I don’t really know why.

Voltaire Twins have been around for a little while, but their new single, Animalia is doing some pretty good things. Getting play on the J’s, getting blogged a heap, and some really decent remixes. Naice!

The track has a bit of a dark side to it, even if it does get you up, around, bouncing off walls. Those little yells at the end of the chorus line kill it I reckon.

Anywho, check out the original as well as the Purple Sneakers remix. The download comes with remixes from Lifelike, PS DJs, as well as a remix by Voltaire Twins themselves…but, in my books, the PS remix, just wins. just. You can download the single as well as  the remixes over at their website.

Volitaire Twins – Animalia

Volitaire Twins – Animalia (Purple Sneakers DJs Remix)

And as a bonus, we got their remix of the Architecture in Helisinki massive, Escapee. If you have’t remixed this, then I don’t know who the hell you are, coz it seems like everyone and their dog has had a shot. There’s is a goodun though!

Architecture in Helsinki – Escapee (Voltaire Twins remix)


Canyons are slowly developing to be a bit of a fave of mine. Although they’ve only got one official single out, if you do some trawling, then you easily find some more. And what’s better is that they’ve got a second single coming out this year and their debut full length should be out somerime this year too. YES??? YES!!!

But to tease you, we got two remixes from the Perth via Syds boys.

!!! played at Laneway last night, but I saw Cutters instead. Should be posting up a bit of a review of the fest in the next few days. Was aiming at ‘live tweeting’ throughout the day, but Optus had different ideas. I’m not on the !!! bandwagon as yet…but going on the only song I know (AM/FM), I think I should be. This remix by Canyons is full blown acidy disco. Is nice as hell and if it don’t make you moooove, then you must be a freakin statue or somethin.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) – The Hammer (Canyons Remix)

Next up is Canyons remix of The Future Will Come by The Juan Maclean. I’m well aware that both of these tracks are pretty old, but just wanted to give you dudes a bit of a taste as to what to expect from the new Canyons release. This remix is sweet and I reckon showcases the darker doomy side of Canyons.

The Juan MacLean – The Future Will Come (Canyons Remix)

numbers and smiles

ok. The 6s and 7s are out of Perth, and I found them initially via Triple J, but then also through the always awesome Incoming show on RRR here in Melbourne. The guys feature a bit of a mix of the Perth music scene including members from The Bank Holidays, and Dom Mariani and The Majestic Kelp.

The track, Smilin’ is a killer little indie surf number, sure to make you, ah, smile. Definitely recomend checking out their MySpace page also for a few extras – Holidayz is amazings.

The 6s and 7s – Smilin’ (Triple J Free Music page)

Kids in Australia, check out their album Choose The Sentinel Blooze on iTunes or at JB HiFi


I’m sure they call Perth based muso Carl Fox that. I’m actually not sure about that. But I am sure that this dude is awesome. He writes some great songs, all with a bit of a dancy feel. He also plays in a Perth based band called good little fox who have supported biggies like Jebediah, The Paper Scissors, and the Hoodoo Gurus.

I found Mr Fox over at Triple J Unearthed. Unearthed has some great stuff over there…some great undiscovered artists.

Anyway, check out Carl Fox’s debut LP over at iTunes. I just bought it…and it’s a great listen. If indie-electro-pop with cut up vocals are your thing, then you MUST get this!

Carl Fox – Chunky Rainbow

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