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So the original of this track has been going gangbusters lately. Owl Eyes is seriously onto a pop winner with ‘Nightswim’. Such a solid piece of pop perfection, but with just enough intrigue and interest in there to make it stand out.

I’ve heard a few remixes of this track before – the Collarbones remix featured in our April mixtape, and now we’ve got a new one from Melbourne dude Fractures. As is the lovefest commonly referred to as maamf, Fractures also received a guernsey with his remix of Whitley‘s latest getting a mention a week or two back. His take on Owl Eyes is similar in that this is a dude that loves layers and slow builds. I think what stands out for me in this track is how calm it is. Those toms that basically form the main part of the drum groove and that building guitar pick line are but two elements of a whole bed of sound that builds to suddenly leave Brooke out there on her own, albeit with some vocal filtering and layering. It’s this sparseness that usually hits a track at the beginning, or the end. But Fractures sticks it in the middle, making it a feature. And yah, it fucking works.




Ok, so here we are. All ready and back and stuff. Before I get into the much delayed April mixtape, just wanted to say thanks for hanging around, those of you that did. The love on the facebook page was great. I needed this time off for various reasons, and although the fact that I’m back doesn’t mean I’m going to be posting everyday, things will be a little more regular.

Ok, so enough of that. Below is a pretty bumper mix of my fave tracks from April. Given the time delay, I thought I should add in a fair few tracks, so the mix is a full 17 tracks long. As with every month, you can stream it and download it below, and I’ve also included some of the tracks as free download. 


Brightly – Fox

Lanark – Able Oust (Right Click/Save As)

Private Life – Mine (Right Click/Save As)

Owl Eyes – Nightswim (Collarbones Remix)

Cherax Destructor – ❤ (Right Click/Save As)

James X. Boyd – Brunswick Street Junkies

China Doll – She Don’t Need To Know (Right Click/Save As)

Aluka – Cave

The Model School – Purple AM Radio (Right Click/Save As)

DEJA – Still Falling (Right Click/Save As)

Jagwa Ma – Man I Need (white label version)

Footy – Mobile Cemetery

Ngaiire – Dirty Herc

Great Earthquake – Do. Make (Right Click/Save As)

Jeremy Neale – In Stranger Times (Feat. Go Violets)

Super Wild Horses – Running With Wolves

Max Savage – Oh Darling (Right Click/Save As)