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Pic courtesy of JL

ok. Just imagine there actually was a day called clipnesday. Would be all sorts of whack right?! Well, sadly, there’s not. So you’ll just have to make do with these two killer vids for two pretty killer tracks.

First up is New York based The Golden Filter. They went pretty crazy in blogland for a while and then went a little quiet. Well now they’ve got their debut album out (check it out here on itunes). It’s called Voluspa, and this clip, i suppose, acts as a bit of a teaser to what the album is like. It’s also just a tiny bit eerie too. The album should be equally as good (but hopefully not as eerie).

Ok. Second up is local guys Operator Please. Their second single is called Back & Forth and it’s off their rather impressive second album Gloves (iTunes linksies). The clip is nice and has these weird umbrella creatures in the middle bit. It’s a really nice song, and as I’ve said before, a biiig step up for the kids.

Third up is the promo vid for the new Kitsune Maison compilation. Kitsune always put together awesome compilations…and their 9th comp, The Cotton Issue (iTunes), looks bloody bloody good. If there was ever a blog heavy CD release, it would probably be the Kitsune Maison comps.

pleasing operators

Operator Please are heading out on tour! To help launch their second, all grown up album, they’re heading out on tour doing all the cap cities (well…most of them.)

You can check out tickets via the maamf posse page which is kinda cool. There’s also a killer remix of their first single Gloves doing the rounds by none other than Like Woah! (People thought Like Woah! had died and had morphed into Ted & Francis full time…but, no, they haven’t). Cheers to !tashed for the remix. Give those guys some blog love πŸ™‚

Anyway, check out the dates below and make sure if you’re heading along, to grab tix through the maamf Posse store!

All the shows are going to be supported by the much loved Tim & Jean as well as Sydney kids Chaingang.

Operator Please – β€˜Gloves Off’ tour

Friday 18th June – Astor Theater, Perth (18+) Get Tix @ Posse!
Saturday 19th June – Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide (Lic a/a)
Friday 25th June – Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+) Get Tix @ Posse!
Saturday 26th June – Metro Theatre, Sydney (Lic a/a) Get Tix @ Posse!
Friday 2nd July – HiFi, Brisbane (18+) Get Tix @ Posse!
Saturday 3rd July – Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast (18+) Get Tix @ Posse!

Operator Please – Logic (Like Woah! Mix)

i’m sure there’s a logical explanation for all of this!

and there is! A few years ago, you either loved or hated young Aussie band Operator Please. They were freakin young, and if you remember, had a song, about ping pong. Yeah…those guys.

They have a new song though. And it’s very good. More mature sounding, and not a song about a table based recreational activity. The opening bass and drums just set up this really cool, darker feel and it just goes from there. The track is called Logic and it’s taken off their soon to be released second album Gloves (April 26th) which they spent the winter of last year completing. The LP was self-produced by Amandah and Tim fron the band as well as bigwigs Jimmy Harry and Chris Fudurich (No Doubt).

Anyway, here’s the song. Prett nice! Also, if you like, the guys are offering up a pretty good deal on pre-ordering their album. Just jump over to their website and you could score yourself a signed disc as well as some remixes and demo’s.

Operator Please – Logic

Good eh? You know it.